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Bali hut and pond in the garden

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I would really love to get a passionfruit going, but haven't had much success. I know they're heavy feeders so i prepared the soil thoroughly. Firs ...

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I had some old bricks laying around, and I was getting a bit sick of whippersnipping around some spearpoint pipework - so I decided to make a "quick ...

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So frangipanis are my absolute fav! i love to collect offcuts of any colour, the more rare they are, the better... so now I've started a little collec ...

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Keen to hear Adam's thoughts on the best way to control weeds in the garden. Is pulling them out by hand more or less effective than using a weed k ...

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Here's some garden flower ideas, with oversized garden gnomes. They are all my pictures taken at my place. Dalek pest exterminators

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A small project I completed for my sister. Everything was brought from Bunnings.

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There is lots of great advice in this article - What to do in the garden in February. I find the section on what to plant particularly helpful: "F ...

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As a wheelchair user, it is nigh impossible to utilise the videoes made. Would it be feasible to make a raised garden bed for herbs and spices that I ...

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Hi all, thought I would share of my learnings of the value of shade this summer and the photos. Im picking about 4kgs of tomatoes every 3-4 days off 8 ...

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I will be installing some raised Garden Beds over the next few weeks, we live on a property that has a free roaming horse, dog, cat and chickens. Some ...

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Hi, I'm trying to over winter my Chillies. Last season they were all coming on strong when Autumn came. I thought that if I tried to keep the plants ...

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Can anyone please give me some advise? I have few citrus trees. One of the citrus never have fruit and the other citrus ‘s fruit are very tiny. Also ...

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Over the years I've settled on Lebanese cucumbers as the best for the the soil and climate here. Vey productive variety - 2-3 plants will supply ampl ...

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We have an entrance door at the bottom of a sloping ground. Each time when it rains, water, mud and debris run down the slope and collects just outsid ...

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