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Doors and Windows

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Hey all, I need some help with the blinds I bought from Bunnings last week. Included with the blinds were two brackets and a little cord. I tried to p ...

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Are these available anywhere. I am in a rental property & need something to attaché curtain rods for blockout curtains to Venetian blinds without ...

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Can someone please tell me how to lubricate a screen door closer cylinder to make it close without slamming at the end.

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So this is my first post. My husband moved out a month ago leaving me with three kids and a heap of half finished DIY projects around the house, some ...

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The 25mm aluminium flyscreen frame material that Bunnings sell has a width of 11mm. (The side that goes in the channel around the window). The channel ...

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What is the approx distance that should be left between the top of mirrored wardrobe doors and the runner/track/rail? (to allow enough space for the s ...

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Hi, I'm very new to DIY. This will be my first ever project. Last week I bought an old Millard caravan for 500 dollars. I'm unsure of the year and mo ...

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Hi all - I'm looking for a guide to replacing an exterior door on my brick shed/garage. The old one is an internal door installed by the last owner ...

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Hey,So I am trying to fix my corner cupboard and I’ve been to 2 different Bunnings and no one was able to tell me what hinge I need to buy for the doo ...

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I just wanted to share some small changes we made around our new home that cost very little but made a big difference in appearance and we did everyth ...

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As part of the greater plan of a Smart Home for the new house I'm looking for keyless entry on the front door along with the other great features of t ...

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Hi. Keeping the house warm in winter is getting expensive. So, I've started to investigate ways of Keeping the house warm with as little expense as p ...

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He’s a walk-through of what we have progressed to in the build of this man cave/sleepout/shed garage.

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I was cleaning my front door handle and deadlock the other night (came up quite well just with elbow grease) When i realised how annoying it was not t ...

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Looking forward to the first issue FREE in Bunnings Warehouses from this weekend.And yes... proud to say I've been working with the team to create som ...

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Bali hut and pond in the garden

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Hi all, new to this group, but wanted a place to consolidate all the info, photos and our "trials and tribulations" related to our slowly progressin ...

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Hey all, We have a small sunroom that connects to a laundry room and an a WC. Our pets have currently taken over (a puppy and a kitten) and I occassio ...

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