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Whole of House

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 so this is to be my first ever attempt at mosaic I hope my project is better than my drawing lol Thank you soo much Mitchell for your advice I’m goi ...

Community Manager Jason
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It's nearly winter and the temperature is starting to drop, particularly at night. Unfortunately, when the temperature drops, our power bills tend to ...

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Hi Team!Welcome to another great monday! Question to the wise, I am tidying up a bit of the gyprock around the house from recent walls being removed a ...

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Ok so we have a unit in a 6 unit block built around 1935. We pulled up the carpet and found original hardwood (actually softwood). We refinished it, b ...

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Hi,This is the way i do Shou sugi ban. It is a Japanese tradition of burning the wood to make it water proof and fire proof. There are many stages to ...

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I am trying to decide the next step for insulating an old weatherboard house. I cant get into the walls and it has a skillion roof. So cant really ins ...

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Hi,i recently asked about finishes for my projects especially shou sugi ban. Burning / Charing of the wood. I received some amazing advise and i am p ...

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Hey team! Would love some recommendations on what to do with this fireplace. Have considered replacing the wood with an oak, and painting the rest whi ...

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Hi, I have a wall that consists of gyprock over brick and I want to hang a large picture on it. Are there any specific wall anchors for this purpose? ...

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