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Whole of House

New Contributor
4 replies

Hi all, new to this group, but wanted a place to consolidate all the info, photos and our "trials and tribulations" related to our slowly progressing ...

Junior Contributor
13 replies

Hi Can Bunnings' fence paling be used to clad an old fibro house? I would not remove the fibro but clad directly onto it. Is there any reason why fenc ...

Established Contributor
7 replies

Finally got sick of my 3 kids dumping their bags, shoes etc at the front door every night! Not to mention the ninja like moves we’d recreate while ent ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
38 replies

As I'm nearing the end of our backyard games room project, I had an eclectic assortment of items in my basket during my long weekend trip to Bunnings. ...

Budding Browser
7 replies

Hi all I just recieved a quote to fit 12 panels and a converter for $9500 is that to much I have 10 cooling of days everybody says I am being taken to ...

Valued Contributor

Siteworks and footings are the first stage of your buildI thought I'd share some of the new building photos, data and processesIts great for linking i ...

Budding Contributor
8 replies

I'm going to be building a big workbench for my office and am unsure of what timber I should be using for the Apron and was needing some advice. The t ...

Budding Contributor
11 replies

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some ideas for how to update a bathroom/laundry/kitchen space. I'm living in here at the moment but it may be rented o ...

New Contributor
6 replies

Long story short, I live in a 1950's built semi-ditatched home. Brick everything and to be honest its all pretty dated, but hey we are working on it. ...

Senior Contributor
14 replies

Well after months of delays due to everything from weather to design changes to me breaking my leg on-site… (yes, still in plaster…) we finally have o ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
131 replies

Many people have long lists of projects they would love to tackle around the house and garden. We'd love to hear from you about the one project you ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
1 reply

Workshop members are embracing the warmer weather and tackling many inspiring new projects around the house and garden. As you can see by this long ...

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