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Whole of House

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Which brand of tools is better? I can't decide whether to buy Makita, Dewalt or Bosch. MOney isn't an issue I just want the best.

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Can anyone give me some advice on how to restore this 19th century writing slope? Im not entirely sure what timber has been used but it was been venee ...

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Break up crayons and lay them in the groove, melt with a heat gun.Scrap back excess so, crayon layer is flush with surface.Sand with orbital sander, t ...

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Katerra Building raises $1 Billion in float, set to disrupt Residential and Commercial sectors with affordable housing

Budding Contributor
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hello does anyone know how to make a serving tray with folding legs a bit like these ones but with straight legs.

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hey guys i'm tim and i thought there's no better way of introducing myself to workshop than by sharing one of my projects so here it is... i came ac ...

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Hello, I have just moved into a California Bungalow, although quite possibly the oldest one in the country!! It is a fibro house built, I think, in t ...

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I was cleaning my front door handle and deadlock the other night (came up quite well just with elbow grease) When i realised how annoying it was not t ...

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Hi all,Need some advice. I have attached some photos and before I get an engineer in I thought I would ask for some ideas from here. I am considering ...

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Well after months of delays due to everything from weather to design changes to me breaking my leg on-site… (yes, still in plaster…) we finally have o ...

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We have just covered some internal brick walls with plaster. Keen for people's thoughts on what we should do with the walls? Thinking of putting some ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
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As I'm nearing the end of our backyard games room project, I had an eclectic assortment of items in my basket during my long weekend trip to Bunnings. ...

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