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i would like some advice on the best way to sand paint chips on my weather boards before i paint the whole house

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Here are some before and after shots of our backyard. Like always with owning a first home, we only then realised how long it takes to do things to t ...

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I have a large Concrete Tank that is seeping water through some small Crracks near bottom of tank Wondering does any-one Know of a product I could pat ...

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Hey Workshop! I'm hosting a BBQ for 8 friends on the weekend and rather than just trotting out the usual boring fare, I'm keen to impress them. I have ...

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Hey all - what is everyone cooking up this weekend? I'm thinking it's ribs, probably pork, although lamb ribs are pretty on point to smoke at the mome ...

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Hi everyone, I have a solar hot water system and notcied today that there's a lot of mould on the solar panels. It's been a cold and wet winter in Mel ...

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Early post-WWII house/front fence - not a lotta love went into its construction. Probably too much celebration at the time.The front fence was traditi ...

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Hi All, I would be happy to hear some suggestions how to build a new railing on a balcony that is at the level of about 400 mm of the ground. The floo ...

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New to this - how much to get helping hand with lifing up bricks and re-laying? I am in Bald Hills

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I was recently researching vertical and herb garden ideas. For myself there are two things that make or break my decision to undergo a project. 1. Is ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
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Hi all, I thought I'd share my current deck renewal project. The deck is around 10 years old and was looking pretty shabby. The timber is merbau but ...

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