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I just decided on a whim to build my boys a cubby house on the weekend and I just wanted see what other people have done. If you have built a cubby ...

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I want to have a flower wall. I need what is the best way to attach the panels of artificial leaves to a masonary wall.Do I use Plastic Lattice that I ...

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Hey there... I’m new to this site and new to woodworking. I’ve never been a handy person and so I’m as surprised as anyone at my recent interest. I wa ...

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Summer is fast approaching and one of the things I wish I built was an outdoor shower for my kids! But the idea passed by as I was too busy swimming w ...

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Hi all, First project in the new house. I'm seeking some ideas to transform the pool area and making it the central feature as you walk out into t ...

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New service bar I built out of pallets and form ply

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Just wondering if anyone has used Perma timber and are there any reviews around vs Eko deck? Any advice would be great.

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Hi All, I had to post and share - finally finished the side access to my house (but still have the other side to do!). Am stoked it’s now done. A big ...

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Hi team, We've got a drainage pit in the front yard. We were thinking of building some garden things to cover it. Can you help?

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I want to add suntuff roofing to my outdoor gazebo area.

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Can anyone tell me how and the name of the lock so as I can lock and unlock my gate from both sides easily.Much appreciation Cattyone

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Hi everyone, I have a solar hot water system and notcied today that there's a lot of mould on the solar panels. It's been a cold and wet winter in Mel ...

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