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I would like to build a roof (2m x 10m) over the deck on the 1st floor.I envisage having 90x90 posts (4 off) in a line parallel to the house.The roofi ...

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I recently had a patio installed and want to complete the feature with a 5.4mx3.8m deck. There is an existing 3.3mx3.3m ~100mm thick slab as shown wh ...

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Hi, great forum here.Im building a low level deck, with limited clearance in Eastern Melb. Nice clay soil with lots of rocks!I'm down to 500mm deep x ...

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With a lot of talk about decking ('tis the season after all) I thought it'd be good to share our experiences and preferences with decking oils as ther ...

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When you're installing a deck, use existing structures where possible to install a ledger. I generally use minimum 10g 100mm Ramset anchors with 400mm ...

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I have the great pleasure and challenge of designing the pool for the new house :smile: In our current place we have a small fibreglass pool which we ...

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We have just built a pergola that’s we intend to put a roof on & backs onto our brick garage wall. We have a stand alone bbq that we would like to bu ...

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I just finished off a spring project, getting ready for the warmer weather in the coming months. We have a water tank at the end of our back deck wh ...

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Hi all, i am currently looking at building a cage out of wire mesh to go in my 4wd to cover the fridge. The squares will be 25mm x 25mm, Question is h ...

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Can anyone tell me how I can get a copy of the instructions to build the DIY bin storage unit. I've searched and cannot fine one to equal Better Homes ...

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It's going to be another very hot day for many people around the country. I hope everyone stays safe and as cool as possible. In the discussion bel ...

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I thought now that we're in November, it's a good time to start thinking about Xmas ham! Here's a how to I did on it a couple of years ago, right from ...

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