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Built a patio. Never built anything in my life... Fire on patio Burnt roof and floor I'm so proud I can build stuff

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I have the great pleasure and challenge of designing the pool for the new house In our current place we have a small fibreglass pool which we didn't ...

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CAn anyone tell me if Bunnings let you take a dog into the store?

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On several recent engineering & building inspection I noticed a few retaining walls that needed attention so I was asked to provide illustrative engi ...

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Does anyone have experience with laminating plywood for use as rafters in pergolas? I have half a dozen 5m lengths of bent 70 by 40 timbers (3x1 1/2 i ...

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Hi I'm Sara, single mum. Have started building a wooden boat sandpit roughly. But haven't hard. Especially the front corner. Wanted a di ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
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It's my dog Humphrey's birthday today, so it seems as good an excuse as any to encourage Workshop members to show off your pets. Here's Humphrey, a ...

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Hi all,I need help. The guttering on the house that I live in now was poorly designed as the surrounding trees drop their leaves and flowers on the d ...

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Hi we are looking to deck our alfresco area, its a concrete slab with a 70mm step down - not much I know, what’s the best way to go about it with su ...

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A few members have asked specific questions about Timber Decks I hope these additional resources and tools provide useful information in your endeavou ...

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Hi all, Unfortunately for this project I ran out of treated pine timber so I had to buy new. Fortunately, everything else is recycled. Let me take y ...

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Hi everyone. I have a 80s franklain caravan and it needs reworking inside but don't want to start ripping everything out and find I have done the wron ...

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