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Hi, I need tips for what to consider when building a pergola onto the Concrete base.I've the following measurements already:Height of the Post 2329mmW ...

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It's my dog Humphrey's birthday today, so it seems as good an excuse as any to encourage Workshop members to show off your pets. Here's Humphrey, a ...

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I was recently researching vertical and herb garden ideas. For myself there are two things that make or break my decision to undergo a project. 1. Is ...

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Was considering getting one of these for the gate side of the house which is in darkness both on approach and exit. They only cost about $30 and there ...

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Just this week we finally got our old dilapidated fence replaced! When we moved into our first home late last year the fence was in a poor condition b ...

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I am building a low level deck and I’m restricted with hight so I’m using 140x45 H3 treated pine bearers,I put my posts in at 1.8mt spacings the deck ...

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Next step is the Ekodeck floor on Friday. Had to give the batery charger a good work out after that.

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looking for ideas to enclose a 5m x 3.5m Pergola, can have rooler blinds installed but will cost, would like to enclose sides with something other th ...

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Hi. Thanks for the oprotunity to find information here.I have replaced the concrete stair treads a few times over the last 30yrs and alway thought the ...

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How do I get the 100 or more pigeons to stop invading the yard when she (mrs) feeds the other birds and the owls no longer work

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For those that don't know, I'm building a new home and we've finally got out slab down with the first bricks being laid last week so it's exciting tim ...

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I have the great pleasure and challenge of designing the pool for the new house In our current place we have a small fibreglass pool which we didn't ...