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Hey all Thought I'd get a new thread going to talk BBQ in 2019. I'm hoping to be much more active this year on the community now that I have some more ...

Community Manager Jason
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Hi all, I thought I'd share my current deck renewal project. The deck is around 10 years old and was looking pretty shabby. The timber is merbau but ...

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So this was mine before Christmas project for my little cousin! A super simple and affordable build which came around $60-70. The proje ...

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Porch to be rendered. What products are available for a novice. I believe that there a re products now that correct themselves, is this true? What ...

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Firstly I’d like to thank @Yorky88 for your helpful advice answering my long list of questions!! Plus all the other posts showing their DIY Cubby’s - ...

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Hi all - am planning a low level deck and have everything sorted (I think) apart from one question, which I'm hoping someone can assist me with.I've c ...

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G'day fellow workshoppers, Finally got around to designing, building and installing the new auto door for our girls. I was quiet shocked at the pri ...

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Still awaiting hip replacement but with the warmer weather I have been more determined to to get some things done despite limitations. First order was ...

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Bought my first (and probably only) house a couple of years ago and it needed a good yard cleanup (amongst alot of other stuff lol) I discovered some ...

Moderator Deanna
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Hi All With the temps soaring this weekend, if you're able to put out water for the wildlife, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated.Here's Tolley ...

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A small project I completed for my sister. Everything was brought from Bunnings.

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A few members have asked specific questions about Timber Decks I hope these additional resources and tools provide useful information in your endeavou ...

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