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G'day fellow workshoppers, Finally got around to designing, building and installing the new auto door for our girls. I was quiet shocked at the price ...

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We're thinking about using some "grasscrete" to add some new texture to a sitting area we're planning for the new place - it'll be surrounded in plant ...

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Hey All, My first post here... just after some advice or recommendations. We're moving into a rental this week, the house is great but there is no pat ...

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Hey all - what is everyone cooking up this weekend? I'm thinking it's ribs, probably pork, although lamb ribs are pretty on point to smoke at the mome ...

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Got this Bunnings sausage today at the Nunawading store. I give it a 9/10 - it just needed to be a bit more crispy to get a 10/10.

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I'm getting excited about my new apartment, which should only be a few months away from being complete. I'm not sure what kind of view I'm going to ha ...

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OK. First posting.I am about to start on a massive gazebo project that I will mostly be doing alone and am well aware that it will take me 2-3 years ...

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Hello,My balcony has a cement balustrade consisting of a horizontal cement beam supported by vertical cement columns.(pillars)Cracks have appeared in ...

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Hey all, been a while! Lots has been cooking and busy preparing for competition season in a few weeks. Wanted to share a video we shot recently about ...

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A few members have asked specific questions about Timber DecksI hope these additional resources and tools provide useful information in your endeavour ...

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Next step is the Ekodeck floor on Friday. Had to give the batery charger a good work out after that.