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I made myself a trough party table and needed some benches to go with it. I can't follow plans, all my projects are made up as I go along. This was ...

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Quick job ticked off the liston the wknd - installing screening with a creeping plant to hide our hot water systems. Nothing fancy, nice and easy - do ...

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Looking for alternatives to a concrete slab for a base to a 3m x 3m metal garden shed.Location makes it difficult to get pre mixed concrete or raw mat ...

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Hey all, been a while between posts. What was on the BBQ this weekend? We entertained some friends, so it was all ribs and buffalo wings!

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Hi everyone, I am just about to start laying gravel or blue rock straight over the top of compacted soil for our driveway. I was wondering what sugg ...

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Hi everyone, I'm Ben. My neighbour asked me to dig a trench down my side of our fence to help with water drainage, I was happy to oblige. He also too ...

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Hi could someone please tell me what product can I use to repair cracks in my Chiminea apart from fire clay.

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I am replacing a rotten plywood floor in my aluminium boat 4.35 metres long. What thickness of marine plywood should I use? Also it has been sugge ...

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First time I'm building something. Can someone tell what the best way to build this is please.

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There seems to be 4 Pallets (2000) Bricks sitting in the front yard, I wonder what these could be for lol

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how to install a balcony glass balustrade?

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