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Garage and Shed

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Family project near garden shed to go !

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I am trying to make a coffee table from a live edge slab of camphor laurel. I’ve used a belt sander and random orbital sander however I’ve not been ab ...

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6x9 Studio is on the way, electrical work nearly done all power lines laid, Air Con lines in, will start to box it out soon, amd then sheet it, going ...

Established Contributor
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Hi guys - was hoping anyone might have some ideas on how to remove a blade on my old Mitre Saw? The flange won’t budge and during attempts to loosen i ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
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Here on Workshop we want to create an inclusive, welcoming community where anyone feels like they can seek help, including absolute beginners. After a ...

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Hello, this is a welding table that I upcycled using scraps in the shed.i used Rio bar, angle iron, tube steel, metal castor wheels, chipboard, tin an ...

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My dad recently gave me his unused/unopened ryobi plunge router. Just a 1 HP unit. Ive been researching on making a routing table for it. A lot of the ...

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Being in a rental property I hate packing and moving and there is never enough storage or space so I built my one+ workbench to suit all the issues t ...

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sound like a stupid question but can you trim pinboard that is sold at bunnings the online fotos are dull to what it actually is made from and says no ...

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G’day just thought I’d share the how to I wrote for making a Brake Drum Potbelly Heater. I’d also love to hear any ideas or see pictures of other he ...

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Christmas present project. Some simple plywood planters. Finished with wooden chopping block oil. Fun project. Well recieved.

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Hello everyone. I plan to buy those sheds in and build it on my back yard.My question is what can you guys recommend as my base or floo ...

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