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Garage and Shed

Budding Contributor
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Hello everyone.I got a cupboard for my shed that i wanted to store my power tools. in to keep them clean and out the way and eyes of my little ones.I ...

Experienced Contributor
37 replies

Hi everyone - as my love and interest in DIY continues to grow I found I needed an adequate area to accommodate this. I needed decent storage and a po ...

New Contributor
9 replies

Hello everyone, is this a decent saw?(accurate,stable etc) Ryobi 1800W Table Saw (254mm) (RTS1526RG) im wanting to purchase my first table saw and th ...

Super Contributor
2 replies

A friend asked if I could make a cordless drill storage station on behalf of her sister to give to her husband as a birthday present. I showed her a p ...

Experienced Contributor
57 replies

6x9 Studio is on the way, electrical work nearly done all power lines laid, Air Con lines in, will start to box it out soon, amd then sheet it, going ...

Budding Contributor
2 replies

             The shed doesnt have internal framing. Things rust inside over time. I want to line it and make shelves and storage on the walls a ...

New Contributor
5 replies

OK so huge job ahead of me but nothing ventured nothing gained.Any suggestions on how I can insulate an existing 10 x 12 shed & what I should use ?

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
26 replies

Here on Workshop we want to create an inclusive, welcoming community where anyone feels like they can seek help, including absolute beginners. After a ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
13 replies

I was having a chat to a friend recently about tools. His philosophy was that he was always happy to pay a little extra for quality so that the tool w ...

Junior Contributor
32 replies

Needing to organise and store my powertools I undertook this little project. Built almost entirely from wood repurposed from crates and pallets it was ...

Established Contributor
2 replies

A few years ago when I started getting into woodworking my dad perpetually loaned me his Triton 2000 series Workcentre. This is a great unit and I mad ...

Experienced Contributor
18 replies

We recently had our council hard rubbish clean up so figured it was a good time to organise the storage under our stairs. Our biggest problem was all ...

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