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Garage and Shed

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Hello workshop community, Hoping you can help! I'm in the process of reducing moisture in a small shed (about 2.65m x 1.8m). It's attached directly to ...

1 reply

About to convert shed into Granny Flat. Paying trades to do plumbing, electrical. Want to do as much of the rest myself as possible. Never done anyth ...

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2 replies

Howdy all, i have never built anything major before and have set out to build a 2.3 x 3.2 x 3.0 m shed. Doing everything out of recycled building mat ...

Junior Contributor
25 replies

Hi all, I'm sort of an intermediate amatuer woodworker and have been using a Black and Decker Matrix drill driver for a number of years. I recently pu ...

New Contributor
7 replies

Hi, This is my first post on this forum. I love this site and look forward to learning from other people. My garage is made from cinder block /co ...

Experienced Contributor
9 replies

I am sure I am not the only one here whose workshop furniture is all on castors so that when a storm comes it can all be pushed to one side to allow t ...

Junior Contributor
30 replies

Needing to organise and store my powertools I undertook this little project. Built almost entirely from wood repurposed from crates and pallets it was ...

Established Contributor
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Some people go away for their holidays... and then there’s me, who takes four weeks leave to build shed.There was sort of a plan - a couple of drawing ...

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Hi everyone - as my love and interest in DIY continues to grow I found I needed an adequate area to accommodate this. I needed decent storage and a po ...

Junior Contributor
21 replies

Hi again guys, I am engaged in building a new shed and have chosen to mount it on treated pallets (?). I need suitable flooring and had thought H3/ ...

Trusted Contributor
2 replies

I picked up this framing nailer as an upgrade to my existing. I mostly use this for decking work. My previous nailer was cordless but required ga ...

Junior Contributor
3 replies

Preparing the wood. Clamping to try and straighten it as much as possible.Adding extra weight to the clamps. Then off to south africa for a 6 week hol ...

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