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Living and Bedroom

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Hi everyone! Question for you all.Has anyone out there got a TV that is mounted above an open fireplace? We have limited space in our living room and ...

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Hi Folks,I've been commissioned by my sister in law to be to make an alternative wedding guestbook for their wedding in October.I have made one of the ...

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Hi I am designing a Tiny House for a Year 12 Design and technology project and I am planning to include a loft for the sleeping area. What sort of hea ...

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Looking forward to build wardrobe in kids bedroom for size 2500 (w) x 2500(h) x 600 (d). Any suggestions and tentative cost involved.

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Hi guys this is my first ever post. My wife and I brought our first home and we have started to prepare for paint. We have come across some problems w ...

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I've seen a few seagrass mats turned into baskets and potplant covers on Instagram. They are only $1.95 so a very cheap project! Anyone done anything ...

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Over the weekend I made a handful of candles using beeswax sheets. They were super easy to make and smell beautiful!All I used was two beeswax sheets, ...

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I have finally finished my latest DIY project, which unfortunately took me over 6weeks from start to finish. But now that my table reno is completed, ...

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Robots have been taught to assemble flat-packed furniture. Scientists in Singapore spent three years programming the robot - made of arms, grippers, s ...

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Have been looking for bunk beds for the Grandies when they visit. Can't find anything we like so was considering building some. Any ideas please.

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This is a project I did over last christmas break at the office where I work. Trying to make it feel a little less clinical and get some atmosphere in ...

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I would like to build a basic timber pergola over the front courtyard that faces west and put shade cloth over the first metre out from the bedroom an ...