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Living and Bedroom

Hi,We are currently renting and have a bay window in our front living room. We would love to make a bench seat that would be removable if we move out. ...

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I made a monitor stand, from a single slab of wood, and using a biscuit joiner and glue. I am not to sure what type of wood it is but I think is some ...

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Made an attempt at my own wall mounted tv unit. Reused the glass shelf from the old tv unit, and finished it off with some LED them lighting. I t ...

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Can anyone help with the best product to use for the purpose of creating a limewash finish to a previously dark stained dining table. I don't know wh ...

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I recently installed the below floating desk for a customer of mine so I thought I'd share the process at a high level and the end result which we're ...

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Hi There,I was wondering if anyone can advise if you are able to drill into the side of Flexi Storage Clever cubes. I would like to attach a bench top ...

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Hi Everyone, Would you please help me to find out if it is possible to hang a heavy mirror on a wall without stud. I found some heavy duty/ stud free ...

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Hi,I have this new house purchased couple of months back. Whenever we use stairs to go up or down, we would feel nails on our foot, sometimes really ...

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Project panel, slim line cabinets and steel legs. A touch of green.

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I thought I would share a pallet coffee table I built over my weekend. I used a very similar process to the D.I.Y. article How to build a simple co ...

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