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Living and Bedroom

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Made an attempt at my own wall mounted tv unit. Reused the glass shelf from the old tv unit, and finished it off with some LED them lighting. I thi ...

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hi everyone i am a newbie to this wonderful discussion. I have purchased path white quartz 10 - 15mm decorative pebble for my aquarium, well a frien ...

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Hi. couple of things. 1.wondering if anyone out there would know how to make a purple wood stain. 2. Is it true you can mix a water based stain with ...

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Google has failed me on how this was fixed on. I want to keep the tiles for sentimental reasons and replace the top with Tas Oak to match how the furn ...

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Hello Workshop Community, in school i have been given a task to make 'somthing' out of two pallets they are aprox 1.25x1.25m i have decided to make a ...

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After destroying yet another expensive gaming headset, by rolling over the wires with the computer chair. I thought it was time to make a stand for th ...

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I turned a couple of piles of old material into a coffee table. 50 year old bed posts20 year old steelTable machined and joinedTest fit

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I recently built loft beds using my daughters exciting bed frames. Finally have finished one bedroom adding floating shelves and a desk using left ove ...

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17 and I have no experience with this stuff but I thought I’d give it a go. My bedroom is “Hamptons” beach inspired and wanted an accent chair and thi ...

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Corner joinedDomino holes to hold the single shelfFalse back, painted the same colour as the wall.Rebates cut for false back Glued and clampedOld f ...

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I want to change this Lino intoI would like to know how to prep my Lino floor to lay plywood floor pls the plywood will probably be made into medium ...

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Wood fold out base under cusions in photo. Its old and warped really hard to pull out into bed ! Need strong lighter material suggestions thanks

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