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Living and Bedroom

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I have a small coffee table that has developed a split in the timber top at both ends. I had planned to just glue and clamp, but now wondering if tha ...

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I have an end table that was damaged during carpet cleaning. The table top is glass but has metal legs. I'm not exactly sure how the legs are attach ...

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I recently built loft beds using my daughters exciting bed frames. Finally have finished one bedroom adding floating shelves and a desk using left ove ...

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So my kids we’re treated brand new bedroom suites when we built our house. Which was great until one of their friends got a loft bed early last year. ...

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Hello Workshop Community, in school i have been given a task to make 'somthing' out of two pallets they are aprox 1.25x1.25m i have decided to make a ...

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The box joints were made using only hand saws, chisels and files, just like the old days before power tools. The joints are held together using only ...

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      This past week I’ve been working on a ‘ute’ bookshelf for my son. I used pine boards from Bunnings which I stained with black paint and water ...

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As l have limited space. I would like to build a Murphy Bed, has anyone got any tips regarding plans etc etc. As l have inquired IKEA,Gumtree & Facebo ...

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 Hi Brains Trust, I am wanting to sand, polish and seal the living room and hallway, whereby there is a mix of Baltic pine and Cyprus floorboards of ...

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I would like to build a basic timber pergola over the front courtyard that faces west and put shade cloth over the first metre out from the bedroom a ...

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Hey All. I am beginning my renovation project by starting with the first bedroom. I was planning to paint over the existing paint (in a 1970's house). ...

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I am building a bookcase that will be 3m wide x 2.4m high x .3m deep. I am intending to have a plinth under it. looking at materials for the plinth I ...

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