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Living and Bedroom

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Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are regarding bedrooms coming straight off a living area. I realise it's never going to be ideal, but hallways ...

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What’s the difference between bare plasterboard and bare set plaster?

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I would like to build a basic timber pergola over the front courtyard that faces west and put shade cloth over the first metre out from the bedroom an ...

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17 and I have no experience with this stuff but I thought I’d give it a go. My bedroom is “Hamptons” beach inspired and wanted an accent chair and thi ...

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nasty scratchesTable top after resurfacing (1)Table top after resurfacing (2)Table top after resurfacing (3)materials used

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My partner and I were lucky enough to move into a beuatifully renovated 1930's Spanish Mission house in September 2017, and since then have set about ...

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I live in a small town and people have gotten to know that I build from recycled materials, so I am always being given free wood furniture to build w ...

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Storage coffee table I made

Community Manager Jason
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When we set about renovating our home, one of our priorities was to create an open living space that offered plenty of light. We had moved from a p ...

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Hi, just wondering if anyone knows how or where I could learn to make a basic coffee table from scratch? any tips would be great

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Hi guys this is my first ever post. My wife and I brought our first home and we have started to prepare for paint. We have come across some problems w ...

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Hi everyone,I haven't made anything in a very very long time and wanted to start out with something easy but I'd like some advice on which wood and sc ...

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