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Living and Bedroom

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Hello all, im totally new at not really a handy person, but would love to be able to make a gas lift storage bed. im having trouble finding pl ...

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Hi everyone,I haven't made anything in a very very long time and wanted to start out with something easy but I'd like some advice on which wood and sc ...

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Decided to build a custom shoe rack to fit the space we have. Everything came out well however it’s not very firm as it sway left to right easily when ...

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Hi there I'm making coffee table by using premium grade dressed pine I don't have knowledge about wood can anyone tell me couple of things1 do I have ...

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Hi,I made this from 100% recycled timbers,a combination of Oregon for the frame, cypress pine T&G floor boards for the top and hardwood fence palings ...

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I would like to build a basic timber pergola over the front courtyard that faces west and put shade cloth over the first metre out from the bedroom an ...

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Love this Harry Potter inspired coffee table with its magic wand key and hidden compartments. I'm sure some of the talented woodworkers here could bui ...

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Hi all , just after some ideas as to what I should do with this fire place , I want to keep it but hate the brick work on it , any suggestions on how ...

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I've done several renos this week with the role up to Christmas for peoples spare rooms and all of them have been dumping grounds and looked unused si ...

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Many shopping centres have already put up their Christmas decorations, but when do you reckon you should put up the Christmas tree in your home? We've ...

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I have finally finished my latest DIY project, which unfortunately took me over 6weeks from start to finish. But now that my table reno is completed, ...

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Hello everyone, Just removed built in bunk beds from a wood paneled bedroom. Everything was obviously varnished in situ, so there's now paler raw pine ...