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I am a backyard gardener of absolutely no repute! I garden for boredom relief and the ability to snack on fresh produce.Many media releases keep remin ...

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I would really love to get a passionfruit going, but haven't had much success. I know they're heavy feeders so i prepared the soil thoroughly. First o ...

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I bought this plant to support the bees but it has dried up while it is supposed to bloom in this month.I need to go outside for a picture first. (but ...

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Hey everyone!My mother has 2 rock gardens but they are really ugly now. Old flowers, most of them withered so we need to renovate it. However, I have ...

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Ground Cover PlantsWe have these plants on the west side of the building but I don’t know what they are and whether these can be propagated to grow on ...

Community Manager Jason
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It might be a little cold and wet outside, but there's still jobs to do around the garden that will help it to thrive when the warmer weather arriv ...

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Keen to hear Adam's thoughts on the best way to control weeds in the garden. Is pulling them out by hand more or less effective than using a weed kill ...

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Another quick gardening question. Is now the right time to prune roses? If so, can anyone give some quick and easy tips? We've inherited some old rose ...

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I am looking for ideas for screening plants and also ground cover. The ground cover would be between our bluestone rounds that we've put down to rep ...

Community Manager Jason
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Spring has sprung, and lawn mowers across the country are getting a workout. Our latest poll asks whether you ever leave your grass clippings on the ...

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What do you get when you mix a girls love for crackers, dip and succulents? This DIY project was super simple for a drill novice like me, and the end ...

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We've just moved from Sydney to Tassie into our first home after years of living in a dark flat with equally damp dark garden. I now have a beautiful ...

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