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HiMy dogs decimated my lawn with all their playing so I bought a load of Daltons soil specifically sold to help establish new lawns. Wheelbarrowed it ...

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I had a fully paved backyard and I've taken most of them off because I want green. I'm thinking of making a raised garden bed in one slot and trying ...

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Hi all, I've had so much trouble with Phalaenopsis Orchids and their upkeep for the past year. I live in Melbourne and it's considerably colder than ...

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Hi all, thought I would share of my learnings of the value of shade this summer and the photos. Im picking about 4kgs of tomatoes every 3-4 days off 8 ...

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My Gardner said he can smell this black smelly bug on my orange tree. The that squirts smelly stuff and covers the whole tree. I had to remove my old ...

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Hi all, been a busy week or so getting this garden 'built'. It'll be a work in progress as I add lower plantings but for now... Murraya hedge about ...

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My Step-daughter was getting married last February and I wanted to contribute without getting in the way of her father. I came up with the idea of bui ...

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Hi, Recently my couch grass has become place for ants at some locations. Any suggestions of how to get rid of them without affecting the grass effecti ...

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Hi looking for a little help identifying the problem with my Sir Walter Lawn which was installed in April 2019 in Sydney. It was looking amazing and ...

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Hey guys. Looking for some advice. I have recently purchased a place, and the outdoor area has a lot of potential, but needs quite a lot of work. I ha ...

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Hi, I am looking for root barier for my house slab. It's for one side and backyard. Kindly let me know option for that. I have highlighted the side an ...

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I have two large passionfruit vines I have planted in large pots running across wires screening a water tank. One is a yellow fruit, the other purple. ...

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