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I'm doing some landscaping and will be installing some of this rusted edging. On ...

Moderator Deanna
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Hello Community! I'm in need of some advice. I'm a wildlife carer and I'm looking for a natural way to repel flies around the animal enclosure. I ...

Community Manager Jason
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It might be a little cold and wet outside, but there's still jobs to do around the garden that will help it to thrive when the warmer weather arriv ...

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Hi,I am wanting to learn how to Install Ground Mounted Clothes Line correctly as this would be the first time. Is there any upcoming workshop in relat ...

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I've got a fairly large backyard. I dread every time summer comes around as I'm sure to lose some plants. Either that or I spend my entire evenings ou ...

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Hi there, I am thinking of buiding raised garden bed for my vegie gardens. What kind of wood is the best choice.I live in Perth, WA. It rains a lot ...

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This is my go-to project when my scrap wood heap gets out of control. Most of the wood I use in my projects is recycled. This one was made from old ...

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My latest video of the garden. Hope you like it.

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Hi all, A bit of gratuitous self-promotion here but thought this may be handy too. I’ve taken over as the new co-host of the Better Homes & Gardens ‘G ...

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Have a raised garden set-up from Bunnings. Planted some flowers, but they only survived for a short time. Seems fine roots from a very large gumtree h ...

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Hi, I'm trying to over winter my Chillies. Last season they were all coming on strong when Autumn came. I thought that if I tried to keep the plants ...

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Easy little project at my brother-in-law's place a couple of weeks ago. Took about 5 hours and cost less than $100. Really makes a difference. Th ...

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