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Hi.. I'm just wondering what flowering plants can I hve in my garden during summer pls? 

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Hi all, I'm certainly not greenthumb so I'm looking for some advice. I've recently built some brick/render planter boxes and I've now filled them with ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
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Many lawns across the country are suffering after a long winter. Fortunately, a little care at this time of year can see the grass flourishing again i ...

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I have cut down two of the bamboo clumps (I believe this is clumping bamboo) and cut down half of the other. I am applying Roundup on the leaves and n ...

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My obsession with cacti and succulents hasn't wavered and I'm struggling to get my hands on some of the rarities I desire. Here are a few of my mates. ...

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   here is what I have planted and going well so far. lemons, pomegranates, loquat, frangipani, figs, tomatoes, cucumbers and of course chilliesmost o ...

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just looking for some tips. On how to hide this lovely looking drain. I plan to get rid of the fake grass and put some real turf down. But then there ...

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What the best thing to put infront of a colour bond fence to stop soil rotting the fence as i need to build it up a foot or so with dirt

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I am building a garden bed, making use of some clay pavers that had previously been used as flooring for a tin shed. I have dug out the 3m x 1.2m w ...

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Hi everyone!I have a Homelite HLT25CS whipper snipper that I bought second hand - I’m determined to learn regular maintenance on it.i’m having Trouble ...

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I've got couple of young tomato plants from bunnings. Planted in ground around 2 to 3 weeks ago with little fertilizer, blood and bone. Applied seasol ...

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my lime tree not growing

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