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Bathroom and Laundry

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Hi! Wondering if there is a way to put a bench top over my washing machine without having to move the power point and washing machine taps?Would you j ...

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Hi, Just wondering what to do when the cover plate of the tap can't go on because the spindle with the thread isn't long enough? (I may be using the w ...

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Hi everyone. Looking for some help with my laundry which is in a teeny space and in need of a gutting & facelift. Current pictures are below and also ...

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Just thought I’d post for those who are a bit apprehensive about starting a project.. we have lived in our house for 25+ years and I’m afraid it took ...


 On a budget and was wondering if you can paint bathroom sink? My sink is in good condition but would like it to be white. If yes, what do I need to p ...

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Hey guys,I am planning my laundry renovation. I am thinking of putting a timber benchtop. Can you please help me in choosing one. I am juggling betwee ...

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hi there I've just cleaned out my laundry bt am having trouble what wall cupboards or sink to put in against the wall by my top loader and also want t ...

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         Needing a new shower for starters, get rid of Landry tub and replace with Vanity Basin. Not sure where to start. Probably a linen cupboard an ...

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    Our laundry was pretty basic with just a standard trough and no storage. We wanted to make it more practical but had a very small budget. So we ...

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We have a Caroma plastic cistern for our toilet. We can hear water drip inside the cistern. We hope some can help to give advise 1. How do we open ...

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Hi Guys. My Fiance and I moved into our house at the end of the march. Have done a few small things such as replace some basins, and tapware and carpe ...

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I have an existing bathroom and am looking to build a hob around the bath. To do that I'm looking at building from hebel over the existing tiles. What ...

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