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Bathroom and Laundry

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As part of my interior house painting I've had a couple of bathroom cabinets repainted. The pic below doesn't really do the paintwork justice. They lo ...

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G'day I'm confused as! I've had to redo my bathroom from scratch. I've pulled up the tiles and screed all the way to the cement slab. I had someone re ...

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how do you attach the laminate strip for a marquee bench top, is it ironed on?

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    Our laundry was pretty basic with just a standard trough and no storage. We wanted to make it more practical but had a very small budget. So we ...

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Hi, I have a DIY electric floor heating system and just wondering if you can spread out a layer of a flexible tile adhesive (Davco Ultraflex) to help ...

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I hate the design of my small bathroom the colours and the restrictive optional area to work with my very struggling position of finance also creates ...

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Hi everyone,Looking to install a new bathroom mirror shaving cabinet into bathroom. This is an old apartment that was recently bought. I had to remove ...

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  Vanity Renovation The vanity project got delayed for years so I decided to pull it out of its wrappers and get it done before house falls down.. ...

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I recently went to Japan for the first time and absolutely loved their toilets with the built-in seat warmers, bidet, air dryers, etc. We should have ...

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Is it ok to remove only wall tiles in the bathroom and replace them with new ones? I am concerned about waterproofing especially n the shower. pennyE

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      I am wondering if anyone thinks it’s possible for me (moi) to remove my unwanted bath and turn my shower into a walk-in one with one piece of ...

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Hi everyone,Just bought a new place and want to have a go at my first reno job!I have laundry with nothing but a freestanding trough. Wanting to have ...

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