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Bathroom and Laundry

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Hi All, we have a very small laundry that needs to be changed. At the moment its hard to even fit in it to do the laundry. The useable area is really ...

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    Our laundry was pretty basic with just a standard trough and no storage. We wanted to make it more practical but had a very small budget. So we ...

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Hello everyone. This looks like an awesome community and this is my first post. I'm a complete beginner in doing this so please bare with me. My part ...

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11 replies

I recently bought a grey water hose on my quest to reduce water wastage. When I connected it to the outlet hose of my washing machine, I thought I’d d ...

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Hello, I;m moving into a 40 year old apartment. Current bathroom has a shower, toilet next to it and followed by a bath tub. It also has Vanity straig ...

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I started thinking if I changed the flooring in my bathroom it would look nicer. then I started thinking of moving things around. I hate a shower over ...

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Reno at mums house. She had a leak in the shower so I decided to do all the bathroom and toilet floor. Never done anything like this before. But after ...

Budding Contributor

Hi everyone Currently renovating the laundry and I wanted to change my laundry taps to this type of pot filler spout: Only problem is they all seem t ...

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Hi allWe just purchased a place that we will move into in a few years. However in the meantime we plan to rent it out for a year or two.The previous o ...

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Hi, I'm getting a tiler to remove and install new tiles to my toilet floor. Somehow, in the quote, it says grout to be provided by me. Can I ask whic ...

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Hi guys, I've recently moved into a 3 bedroom rental home by the beach. It's fine but the bathroom needs a lot of tlc. There's a stain in the bathtub ...

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Sorry it’s taken me longer than expected to get this post up. Back on the Easter long weekend I dedicated my time to a few things around the hous ...

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