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Bathroom and Laundry

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Hi guys Was reading up and trying to find a good product for cleaning grout in bathrooms and kitchen floor tiles. The only thing l was able to ...

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Is there a video available showing how to Assemble and fit in place 1800mm wardrobe from Fantastic Furniture? Thank you Carol.

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Just thought I'd share some work I've just completed for a customer. Total of 21 hours work over 3 days (allowing for drying times, etc). As always, h ...

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Hi need some advice - starting at the ground up room 2700 long by 1200 wide, I am building new subfloor for ensuite to match floor height of existing ...

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This design was made for a simple laundry make over. With just a little bit of effort you can get away from that fixed steel laundry box look of the 7 ...

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Anybody out there who has painted old bathroom tiles and floor and can recommend a good product for it? Thanks !

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We are always trying to do things on a budget, sometimes it works, sometimes it goes over. But we love to do things to the house & as you all know it ...

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We have no money to spend on this dated bathroom to make it more appealing to buyers as we have to spend it all on the yard and retaining walls as it' ...

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'We have the worst bathroom in the world,' Na says. But because she's trying to talk and brush her teeth at the same time it sounds more like 'weav ...

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How do you adjust the half flush on a kinetic dual flush series a

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
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Here's the 50s-era bathroom that we inherited when purchasing our house. What would you do with it? Jason

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I would like to know how much is charged for installation of a bathroom door. I have the door handle and hanging clips.

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