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Bathroom and Laundry

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Whether you just want to rejuvinate a tired bathroom or start from scratch with a complete renovation, planning is the key to creating a beautiful and ...

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Hoping to get opinions here. I have noticed that my ensuite vanity tap takes very long, approximately 1+ min, before the hot water is emitted. Hot wat ...

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Help. The instructions are missing. How do I reduce the height shaft to fit in the toilet. This is a very urgent problem. It looks like it needs to ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

A laundry makeover would be an achievable project this long weekend. You might be inspired by what other Workshop members have been able to achieve. ...

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There's a new smart mirror that can help you to get ready in the morning, help control other smart home devices, play music and video, etc. https:// ...

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I recently went to Japan for the first time and absolutely loved their toilets with the built-in seat warmers, bidet, air dryers, etc. We should have ...

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Hi, I'm not sure if I'm posting this on the right board, so apologies if this should be elsewhere. I recently removed an old door and window from a ...

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I'm starting to do renovations on my laundry, toilet & 2 bathrooms. Relocating and shifting the water inlets is quite simple as I'll be taking down ...

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So almost every day I/we get asked for something that will remove Mould from the shower. I guess I'm not the only one that has tried everything. So I ...

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Love seeing the increased use of timber in modern bathrooms. It's noted as an ongoing trend in this article about the top bathroom trends for 2018 - h ...

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Hi we are wanting it install insulation in our laundry but are wondering how close can it be to electrical cables in the wall?

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@Jason Not everyone wants to become a member Here is a message I recieved hope it helps others and promotes Hardware sales @Bunnings Reply

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