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Bathroom and Laundry


 hi I need a bit of advice I want to paint my shower base but am not quite sure what it is made of it would be about 30 years old if not more can I us ...

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Hi,Want to change my bathroom vanity and also renovating my bathroom as DIY projectOld vanity length is 1740mm, so looking to change with flat pack ma ...

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Using some old fence palings I had under the house I screwed them together to make a table top hinged to the fence and hinged two legs with a cross su ...

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G'day Everyone, A client recently asked me to draw her laundry to see if everything would fit and that it would look okay, even with both machines in ...

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Sorry it’s taken me longer than expected to get this post up. Back on the Easter long weekend I dedicated my time to a few things around the hous ...

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hi we are going to renovate our laundry and would like some design help please, our laundry is set out as below the doors and window and washing machi ...

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Hi there!I rent an apartment and recently one of the old compression faucet taps sprung off the wall mid shower (the cold one). I was able to turn the ...

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Hi Team! Bit of an interesting one, I was watching this video (Great channel for space saving ideas btw) and they mentioned they rendered over the exi ...

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I was told by a Bunnings worker that there is a place where you can put your en-suite measurements and swap and change tiles so you know what it is go ...

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Hey team, Any advice on fitting this shower screen door to my shower entry? It's a steel frame house FYI. I've included pics of the door and the show ...

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Just thought I’d post for those who are a bit apprehensive about starting a project.. we have lived in our house for 25+ years and I’m afraid it took ...

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The Easter break is an opportunity for many of us to get stuck into jobs around the house that we've been putting off for a while. I suspect a tou ...

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