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Pull out options for small cabinets that are otherwise unusable gave me the idea to utilise the space next to my fridge in this way. Its really han ...

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I made this table from some old hardwood boards I had.

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I built this custom bread box for a friend as a house warming gift.

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I truly feel totally stupid. All I want is a piece of laminate cut that matches my kitchen bench to go over sink. Please see photos & measurements. I ...

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When it came time to knock up a batch of Hot Cross Buns the other day, I thought I had the perfect tray to bake them in, but after half an hour or so ...

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Hi Workshop Community!I'm about to install a dishwasher in my house under an existing benchtop. Are there any steps i need to do before installing the ...

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Hi All, We have a breakfast bar in our kitchen and we dont utilize it at all. We want to use that space to create some storage for kitchen. How do we ...

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It's a new year and no doubt there will be plenty of articles talking about the hot new trends for 2019. For those that are renovating, there are lot ...

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As I have previously mentioned, I'm completely useless at general DIY. Give me a circuit board, or things related to 'puters and I'm good. So my wif ...

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