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Hey Everyone, This is my first post on here I am looking for some ideas to renovate the kitchen within a budget, abit about the property: Rental (Lau ...

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Hi EveryoneWe would appreciate any ideas you might have for renovating this 1970's kitchen.Budget is limited so anything significantly structural is n ...

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Looking for some ideas to renovate my Kitchen within a budget

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Hello! Looking for tips on closing gaps in floating floor panels - don't wanna pull it all apart and start again. There's just a few of them in a hall ...

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I wish to locate a microwave adjacent to cooktop hanging from overhead cupboards. The glass splashback prevents securing brackets being installed. To ...

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The kitchen is the heart and soul of many people’s homes. In our house, it’s certainly not just a place for cooking food, it’s where we gather to s ...

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Are glass tiles suitable for stove splash back.

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Hello!! We’re just at the beginning stages of renovating and don’t have the budget for a new kitchen. Im wondering if anyone can tell me if painted la ...

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Love this idea of using smart tags and smart containers to let you know when food is approaching its expiry! Hope they become more affordable and wide ...

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