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Hi EveryoneWe're in the process of buying a old weatherboard house. We have never done a renno before, so I am trying to gather information and learn ...

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Canh anyone recommend a cleaner that will clean the bottoms of fry pans..I have several pans that have what looks like burnt on blackened oil on their ...

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Will $217 countertop charcoal pain kit will enough for this area and Ian that colour will b suitable for above colour thanks

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Hi all, wondering if any one has added waterfall sides (stone) to their existing stone benchtop. I assume it's "easy enough" to cut the existing bench ...

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The kitchen is the heart and soul of many people’s homes. In our house, it’s certainly not just a place for cooking food, it’s where we gather to soci ...

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floor gone rotten and floor people say it is got moister on the timber floor cant be sanding the floor and it is 1962 house what can i do i try to fin ...

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Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any tips for removing stains from a Caesarstone benchtop? I've got a couple of very light rings on the benchtop - ...

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Hi all, I am wondering if a benchtop dishwasher can be installed into an under-benchtop space that exists for a full dishwasher? I am interested in pu ...

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Some help please! A friend has asked me for suggestions, so I am asking all of you. He is trying to find a splashback for his new build, which gives ...

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Our new kitchen is nearly complete but I am still struggling to choose a splashback. The cabinetry is off-white and we have Caesarstone benchtops and ...

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Given we were going to do a full kitchen reno but we're instead building a new home, we thought the splashback could at least do with a facelift (espe ...