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Further to my previous post on the veggie patch, I have successfully harvest a bunch of veggies including spinach, lettuce, peas, dill and now caulifl ...

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I have a very small space for my shed - it's 1.1m X 3.6m (so more or of a glorified cupboard) that I was keen to make the most of so generally vertica ...

Budding Contributor
11 replies

Hello all! I am wanting to stain my deck with as little effort as possible haha. I've attached some pictures, I have no idea what type of wood it is e ...



I am assembling a PRACTA 1000mm base cabinet, the sections of which are joined together by cams and pins. I have connected all panels except the last ...

Junior Contributor
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I am planning to cut down yukka trees by myself image attached below. Since this one is second one i am planning to take down as the stump is a bit wi ...

New Contributor
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 Hi! First time poster. Can anyone please offer any suggestions on the best way to extend this Colorbond fence? We overlook a school car park so would ...

Budding Contributor
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I am looking at putting some lights in my garden to improve the night appeal of my garden beds and some trees. Initially will be doing a smaller gard ...

New Contributor
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Hi all! We just moved into a 2 bedroom apartment with a very small laundry area (1650x975mm) which has absolutely no storage. We are looking for ways ...

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I have an old Parker dining table set, great bones but the chairs are covered in ugly yellow vinyl. Apart from trying to recover in fabric, is it poss ...

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I have started renovating my kitchen and a section where I pulled out cabinets did not have tiles underneath. This section of floor will be exposed wh ...

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  • Meet Rylie, who is always making something new

    Pallet wood recycling expert Rylie has shared many popular and creative projects with the Workshop community. “I am always in the backyard thinking of new things to make," Rylie says. "I’ve always got to be doing something."

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    Belinda loves sharing her extensive knowledge and experience of renovation projects so people can avoid making costly mistakes. “People think that it’s expensive to renovate, but it doesn’t have to be," says Belinda. "It is easy to create a designer look for less."

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    Workshop member Tim has a passion for D.I.Y. and gardening. He also loves learning and sharing his knowledge and experiences. "There’s something truly human about growing your own food and creating your own home,” Tim says.