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New Contributor
6 replies

I am attempting to extend the height of my colourbond fence and have purchased the extension posts, the extension panels and the capping post with the ...

Moderator Walter
5 replies

Hey everyone, I'm looking for ideas and guidance. I've decided to buy a new barbecue. I love barbecuing, all year round. So I want a hooded barb ...

Budding Contributor

Bought this great little controller for our vegie patch, programs are awesome and it works a treat

New Contributor
5 replies

Hey Everyone, This is my first post on here I am looking for some ideas to renovate the kitchen within a budget, abit about the property: Rental (Lau ...

Budding Contributor
16 replies

Hi Guys First time post so please go easy on me, I have just purchased a 3 bedroom house with a large sloping front garden and a smallish flat rear ...

New Contributor
5 replies

Hello, I have just moved into a California Bungalow, although quite possibly the oldest one in the country!! It is a fibro house built, I think, in t ...

Experienced Contributor
7 replies

Hi everybody! Some of you may know that I've been hard at work for months on my Backyard Makeover. After what has been an ordeal, (I promise to updat ...

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