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Love the sound of this! It's from the creator of Roomba - the robot vacuum. This one scurries around the garden and chops weeds for you. There's more ...

Valued Contributor

Siteworks and footings are the first stage of your buildI thought I'd share some of the new building photos, data and processesIts great for linking i ...

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Hi all. I have a question about the placement of solenoids/valves. I intend to set up a 240v control station, maybe 8-10 stations. I intend to ins ...

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Just wondering if anyone has used Perma timber and are there any reviews around vs Eko deck? Any advice would be great.

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Hi All, I had to post and share - finally finished the side access to my house (but still have the other side to do!). Am stoked it’s now done. A big ...

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I'm going to be building a big workbench for my office and am unsure of what timber I should be using for the Apron and was needing some advice. The t ...

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