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New Contributor
4 replies

Patience and hard work paid of with my very own dream 3x1x1 bachelor pad. Double brick with a garden and shed. Small but with interesting spaces and ...


2 replies

Hi, great forum here.Im building a low level deck, with limited clearance in Eastern Melb. Nice clay soil with lots of rocks!I'm down to 500mm deep x ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
9 replies

Many Australians are looking forward to a long weekend. In addition to a well-deserved break, the weekend provides the chance to get stuck into som ...

New Contributor
2 replies

just looking for some tips. On how to hide this lovely looking drain. I plan to get rid of the fake grass and put some real turf down. But then there ...

Junior Contributor
22 replies

Hi All. We've just purchased a house and we'll be getting the keys in December.I'm fishing for tips, ideas and advice for a home reno. What mistakes h ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
24 replies

Here's the 70s-era kitchen that we inherited when purchasing our house. What would you do with it? Jason

Junior Contributor
13 replies

Hello! Looking for tips on closing gaps in floating floor panels - don't wanna pull it all apart and start again. There's just a few of them in a hall ...

Budding Browser
2 replies

We have just built a pergola that’s we intend to put a roof on & backs onto our brick garage wall. We have a stand alone bbq that we would like to bu ...

5 replies

What the best thing to put infront of a colour bond fence to stop soil rotting the fence as i need to build it up a foot or so with dirt

Meet the community
  • Meet Judy, a hands-on person

    Judy believes D.I.Y. projects give you a real sense of achievement. Home improvement is also a continual learning process. “It stretches your imagination," Judy says. "It challenges you. And you end up with something you are proud of."

  • Meet Rob, who renovates caravans

    Rob only started renovating caravans in recent years, but his stylish projects have been a big hit with the Workshop community. “I sit at a desk all week and so it’s good to indulge my ‘inner tradie’ at the weekends. I think of it as physical creativity.”

  • Meet Peter, who gives anything a try

    Peter thinks you can’t lose by doing something yourself. Despite not having any formal trade qualifications, he has tackled a huge range of projects. “If it works, you did it! You made something that works. If it doesn't work, you find out why and give it another go."