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Do you get bugged off with the amount of sanding pads you go through and how much you pay for new pads? Ever though of recovering and reusing them ove ...

Super Contributor
20 replies

G'day fellow workshoppers, Finally got around to designing, building and installing the new auto door for our girls. I was quiet shocked at the price ...

Valued Contributor
13 replies

A few members have asked specific questions about Timber DecksI hope these additional resources and tools provide useful information in your endeavour ...

Super Contributor
6 replies

Attn: Melbourne Workshoppers There is a herb and chilli festival on this weekend in Wandin. As you'd expect for a festival, there's going to be heaps ...

Experienced Contributor
33 replies

Hi All,I just thought to ask what veges everyone is harvesting or sowing now.This is the time of the year you can enjoy all of your hard work and reap ...

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We're thinking about using some "grasscrete" to add some new texture to a sitting area we're planning for the new place - it'll be surrounded in plant ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
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Many people have long lists of projects they would love to tackle around the house and garden. We'd love to hear from you about the one project you ...

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  • Meet Ben, barbecue connoisseur

    Barbecue has long been a national pastime, but Ben is part of a growing tribe cooking huge slabs of meat "low and slow". Ben is also passionate about sharing his experience. “I love to share what I know and learn from others."

  • Meet Meg, who runs D.I.Y. classes for women

    From teaching ballet to working on a mine, Meg is game for anything. Meg now teaches woodworking and power tool skills. “The mission is to empower women by providing them with the opportunity to gain skills and confidence.”

  • Meet Daryl, who loves getting hands-on the tools

    Daryl has always loved working with his hands. “I really love being able to make or fix something and say: ‘I built that’. Because I work with a lot of different trades, I tend to ask a lot of questions and my knowledge has increased exponentially."