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Budding Contributor
4 replies

   This is my wife's cubby from when she was a kid. Although the roof and floor was completely rotted - a sheet of yellow tongue, some left over m ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
15 replies

Workshop members have been recently sharing things that annoy them about their house. Now it's time to focus on the positives. What do you love mo ...


Experienced Contributor
10 replies

Experienced Contributor
23 replies

We recently had our council hard rubbish clean up so figured it was a good time to organise the storage under our stairs. Our biggest problem was a ...

Budding Contributor
9 replies

Looking to make 600mm deep shelves with a pine box frame with mdf board sitting on top, with either metal or pine supports. Will span 3.5m along bigge ...

New Contributor
6 replies

I have just finished building a back deck with my dad and brother.We built the framework out of steel purlins and beams, and used Queensland Spotted G ...

Established Contributor

My living room is quite small so I try to save space however I can. I re-used an old TV unit my brother didn't want, pulled it apart and re-used some ...

1 reply

Hello, I’m patching a coloured concrete driveway- filling some large cracks. I then want to match driveway colour to paint over filler. My question is ...

Junior Contributor
30 replies

Hi Can Bunnings' fence paling be used to clad an old fibro house? I would not remove the fibro but clad directly onto it. Is there any reason why fenc ...

Budding Contributor
14 replies

Anyone have experience glueing back paling? Would Gorilla Glue hold it back in place?  

8 replies

How can i remove all sticker glue from the walls and ceilings before painting?

New Contributor
5 replies

      Hi everyone, any ideas and advise on how to remove or solve the issue with my living room wall? It’s a 70s beauty with brick veneer wall. The ...

Meet the community
  • Meet Andrew, passionate about handmade furniture

    Andrew loves using centuries-old woodworking techniques to handcraft beautiful furniture and other objects. “I love the material, how it’s organic but can be tamed. I love how every piece of wood is different.”

  • Meet Marty, who recycles pallets into treasure

    Marty started making planter boxes out of pallet wood a few years ago. Now he makes everything from dining tables to entertainment units and cubby houses. “I love being able to put my own creative flair on the products I build."

  • Meet Brad, a third-generation tradesman

    Brad’s career began as an apprentice welder in a training centre, which also gave the basics of many other trades. "There is a sense of accomplishment in making something rather than paying someone else."