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Keen to hear Adam's thoughts on the best way to control weeds in the garden. Is pulling them out by hand more or less effective than using a weed kill ...

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I am a backyard gardener of absolutely no repute! I garden for boredom relief and the ability to snack on fresh produce.Many media releases keep remin ...

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Most of the computer tables in the market are of an office type design. I needed a compact table that would store all my gear and then some. My apolog ...

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Coffee grounds make a great addition to any garden and can be used in a number of ways. Using spent coffee grounds also helps reduce landfill which is ...

Community Manager Jason
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In December the social calendar starts to get busier, so I'm hoping to get some spring cleaning done this weekend. The windows will be one of the fi ...

Meet the community
  • Meet Pete, who will tackle anything

    The multi-talented ProjectPete learned most of his D.I.Y. skills from his father, and loves the challenge and satisfaction of turning his house into a home. “I’m a fairly handy kind of guy,” Pete says. “I will try to tackle basically any job.”

  • Meet Cath, an experienced horticulturalist

    Cath loves sharing her deep knowledge and passion for growing food. Public speaking used to give her panic attacks, but now Cath runs her own gardening workshops. Her most important advice is to “feed your soil, not your plants”.

  • Meet Mike, renovating his first home

    Workshop member mikedoeslife is undertaking a room-by-room renovation of a 1960s weatherboard with his wife Friedel. "We've been blessed with the experience of friends that are either (renovation) veterans or (trade) professionals."