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I am looking for some large plastic/poly trays say 1200x450 x50 or thereabouts to make some wicking beds so can bottom water plants. The trays are fi ...

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hi I have bought an apartment which is approx 3 years old, its in great condition but the color on the wall are not my preferred. It bit of darkish ...

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G’day just thought I’d share the how to I wrote for making a Brake Drum Potbelly Heater. I’d also love to hear any ideas or see pictures of other heat ...

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I bought a holman digital timer and a pope-2-way brass threaded tap from bunnings. ...

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With The rest of Australia set to follow Perths Boom-Bust-Rebound Building CycleRenovation Boom Hits Historic high Sealing -2018- 2019 as year of the ...

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  • Meet Andrew, passionate about handmade furniture

    Andrew loves using centuries-old woodworking techniques to handcraft beautiful furniture and other objects. “I love the material, how it’s organic but can be tamed. I love how every piece of wood is different.”

  • Meet Marty, who recycles pallets into treasure

    Marty started making planter boxes out of pallet wood a few years ago. Now he makes everything from dining tables to entertainment units and cubby houses. “I love being able to put my own creative flair on the products I build."

  • Meet Brad, a third-generation tradesman

    Brad’s career began as an apprentice welder in a training centre, which also gave the basics of many other trades. "There is a sense of accomplishment in making something rather than paying someone else."