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Valued Contributor
1 reply

Hi all, seeking some thoughts/advice on a feature wall I'm planning. In my FIFA Room (AKA Theatre) I'm doing panelling on the TV wall. I'm trying to d ...

Established Contributor
1 reply

I made myself a trough party table and needed some benches to go with it. I can't follow plans, all my projects are made up as I go along. This was ...

Junior Contributor
1 reply

Hello Everyone, well I'm stumped. I've been able to undo many a drawer but this one I have to admit I can't.Can anyone give me an idea on how to remov ...

Valued Contributor
10 replies

Quick job ticked off the liston the wknd - installing screening with a creeping plant to hide our hot water systems. Nothing fancy, nice and easy - do ...

New Contributor
2 replies

I do some playing around with old pallets have made a blanket box ,stand for the bathroom ,Hall way coat hanger, out door BBQ table and seat, Garden w ...

Junior Contributor

Hi there, I'm now thinking of my kitchen reno, having almost finished my tiny bathroom. (Will post pics of the bathroom as soon as it is painted.) I ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
21 replies

Here's the 70s-era kitchen that we inherited when purchasing our house. What would you do with it? Jason

Meet the community
  • Meet Judy, a hands-on person

    Judy believes D.I.Y. projects give you a real sense of achievement. Home improvement is also a continual learning process. “It stretches your imagination," Judy says. "It challenges you. And you end up with something you are proud of."

  • Meet Rob, who renovates caravans

    Rob only started renovating caravans in recent years, but his stylish projects have been a big hit with the Workshop community. “I sit at a desk all week and so it’s good to indulge my ‘inner tradie’ at the weekends. I think of it as physical creativity.”

  • Meet Peter, who gives anything a try

    Peter thinks you can’t lose by doing something yourself. Despite not having any formal trade qualifications, he has tackled a huge range of projects. “If it works, you did it! You made something that works. If it doesn't work, you find out why and give it another go."