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Keen to hear Adam's thoughts on the best way to control weeds in the garden. Is pulling them out by hand more or less effective than using a weed k ...

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I would really love to get a passionfruit going, but haven't had much success. I know they're heavy feeders so i prepared the soil thoroughly. Firs ...

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Hi all,Need some advice. I have attached some photos and before I get an engineer in I thought I would ask for some ideas from here. I am considering ...

1 reply

Who else has a problem with their 4 legged friend playing with their bowl outside?? Our darling Mia thinks it's great fun to tip her water and food bo ...

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Picked up this pressure washer for $129 from Bunnings on the weekend - it's a promo so limited stock and not continually on order so get in quick if y ...

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Started off as a mud kitchen for the kids and got a bit carried away 

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Does anyone have experience with laminating plywood for use as rafters in pergolas? I have half a dozen 5m lengths of bent 70 by 40 timbers (3x1 1/2 i ...

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