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Budding Contributor
3 replies

We have a "standard" project home with basic kitchen cabinetry. I've been cursing/grumbling about the lack of storage & more importantly, the dysfunct ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
130 replies

Many people have long lists of projects they would love to tackle around the house and garden. We'd love to hear from you about the one project you ...

Budding Browser
2 replies

Hello Im trying to mask up an ugly looking rock wall area. Without thinking to much I’m at this stage and was wondering if anyone had any tips or ide ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
565 replies

Welcome to your Workshop. It is great to have you as a member of the community. We encourage you to say hello and introduce yourself. Please reply t ...

3 replies

Wanting to know how hard would it be to do a decking myself and what would be the easiest way of doing.

New Contributor
12 replies

Hi all, First post here. I have two questions regarding walls and player in the home. 1. What is the stripe for shown in one of the photos? The house ...

Senior Contributor
13 replies

Well after months of delays due to everything from weather to design changes to me breaking my leg on-site… (yes, still in plaster…) we finally have o ...

Established Contributor
6 replies

So a while ago the other half may have stolen a nice rose cutting from the nursery. In her defense, it was from their garden, not from a plant that wa ...

Meet the community
  • Meet Brad, a third-generation tradesman

    Brad’s career began as an apprentice welder in a training centre, which also gave the basics of many other trades. "There is a sense of accomplishment in making something rather than paying someone else."

  • Meet Noelle, experienced horticulturalist and writer

    Noelle describes herself simply as “a plant person”. “I enjoy writing about plants, from how to grow them to what you can use them for,” Noelle says from her garden in Melbourne’s south-east. “Ask me to research and write about a plant and I'm happy.”

  • Meet Ron, still fascinated with the way things work

    Ron has been tinkering in the workshop ever since he was a kid, and spent his career developing mechanical skills and teaching others. "I love learning, building on my knowledge and skills. Most mechanical engineers can turn their hand to just about any task.”