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New Contributor
5 replies

Hi All, need your advice as to my tomatoes growing in my garden in the late autumn. Should i persist or pull them out? They are still flowering and gr ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Whether you just want to rejuvinate a tired bathroom or start from scratch with a complete renovation, planning is the key to creating a beautiful and ...

Budding Browser
6 replies

Was considering getting one of these for the gate side of the house which is in darkness both on approach and exit. They only cost about $30 and there ...

Budding Contributor
15 replies

Hi EveryoneWe're in the process of buying a old weatherboard house. We have never done a renno before, so I am trying to gather information and learn ...

Budding Contributor
6 replies

As requested by Jason, Here's an insight on my progress on our place that needs a little TLC. I'll start with my front garden which I'm going to slow ...

Established Contributor
3 replies

Our blueberry bushSome leaves are turning brown/redBroccoli SeedlingsBaby lettuceLemon Thyme & MintGiant Spinach! Over the last 4 months, my garden ha ...

Super Contributor
11 replies

Have you got autumn leaves everywhere at the moment? Don't throw them all in the green waste bin. You can use them to help your garden. Put them the l ...

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  • Meet Wayne, a self-taught woodworker

    After years of frustrating illness and injury resulting in debilitating depression, Wayne found a new passion - woodworking. "I love the grain, the smell, the texture and the amazing things you can create with wood."

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    Adam has been helping people with their house and garden projects on television, radio and magazines for decades. He's now happily sharing his expertise with Workshop members. “I believe experience and knowledge should be shared.

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    After growing up on a Mildura farm, Eric loves D.I.Y. He credits his knowledge and skill from “experimentation and not being afraid to fail". "I love the sense of achievement when I can sit on the back deck and appreciate something I’ve done."