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Reno at mums house. She had a leak in the shower so I decided to do all the bathroom and toilet floor. Never done anything like this before. But after ...

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Hi allWe just purchased a place that we will move into in a few years. However in the meantime we plan to rent it out for a year or two.The previous o ...

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Hi, I'm getting a tiler to remove and install new tiles to my toilet floor. Somehow, in the quote, it says grout to be provided by me. Can I ask whic ...

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 Hi Brains Trust, I am wanting to sand, polish and seal the living room and hallway, whereby there is a mix of Baltic pine and Cyprus floorboards of ...

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Attached is my Christmas gift to the community! I will answer "Any" reasonable question about the 5 cabinet kitchen plan I have just drawn. You will ...

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Hi Guys and Gals, I am building an open hanging space for our bedroom. It involves two old antique ladders on each side, with repurposed floorboards a ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
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As I'm nearing the end of our backyard games room project, I had an eclectic assortment of items in my basket during my long weekend trip to Bunnings. ...

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Hi All. We've just purchased a house and we'll be getting the keys in December.I'm fishing for tips, ideas and advice for a home reno. What mistakes h ...

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have problem with slippery floor tiles.tried a lot of ideas but still slip.tiles only six months old. any help appreciated

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Hi guys Was reading up and trying to find a good product for cleaning grout in bathrooms and kitchen floor tiles. The only thing l was able to ...

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We are always trying to do things on a budget, sometimes it works, sometimes it goes over. But we love to do things to the house & as you all know it ...

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Hello workshop community, Hoping you can help! I'm in the process of reducing moisture in a small shed (about 2.65m x 1.8m). It's attached directly to ...

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Hi we'd like to lay porcelain tiles over particle board (Structaflor), and we know that we need to install tile underlay first. We can only find "cera ...

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Hello! Looking for tips on closing gaps in floating floor panels - don't wanna pull it all apart and start again. There's just a few of them in a hall ...

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Hi, I’m hoping for a bit of direction with regards to floor prep and waterproofing before I re-tile my laundry so I don’t continue to feel like I’m li ...

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I have squeaky floor boards in the living room and in the bedrooms. The living room is not carpeted but the bedrooms are. I was going to remove t ...

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Just wondering if anyone knows if Bunnings has an appropriate product to remove the smell of cat pee? I’ve got one that has been peeing in the corner ...

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Hi there, Hope everyone is well, I was wondering if I can grab some advice from you guys in relation to flooring.I currently have polished hardwoo ...

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