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We’re removing the laminate flooring in our kitchen. I have always loved polished concrete floors - not the super shiny polished concrete. Rather slig ...

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We are getting our hardwood floors sanded and polished in march. Under the old gas heater/ old fire place there has obviously been a tiled hearth in t ...

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Hi, I have a DIY electric floor heating system and just wondering if you can spread out a layer of a flexible tile adhesive (Davco Ultraflex) to help ...

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I hate the design of my small bathroom the colours and the restrictive optional area to work with my very struggling position of finance also creates ...

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I am about to lay timber laminate in a lounge room that has a tile strip along one side running from the front door to the family room. The family ro ...

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Hi, we are replacing our vinyl floor tiles with vinyl plank flooring this weekend. We have removed the old tiles but wanting some advice on the easies ...

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Can I use interior paint for bathroom floor tiles if I add some Ultra Pave grip Additive? The house is going to be renovated in a few years but we hav ...

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    Hey guys. We had laminate flooring installed in our townhouse about a year ago. Today while cleaning I’ve noticed there is some damaged boards, ...

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Hello, I have just moved into a California Bungalow, although quite possibly the oldest one in the country!! It is a fibro house built, I think, in t ...

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Reno at mums house. She had a leak in the shower so I decided to do all the bathroom and toilet floor. Never done anything like this before. But after ...

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Hi allWe just purchased a place that we will move into in a few years. However in the meantime we plan to rent it out for a year or two.The previous o ...

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Hi, I'm getting a tiler to remove and install new tiles to my toilet floor. Somehow, in the quote, it says grout to be provided by me. Can I ask whic ...

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Junior Contributor
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 Hi Brains Trust, I am wanting to sand, polish and seal the living room and hallway, whereby there is a mix of Baltic pine and Cyprus floorboards of ...

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Attached is my Christmas gift to the community! I will answer "Any" reasonable question about the 5 cabinet kitchen plan I have just drawn. You will ...

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Hi Guys and Gals, I am building an open hanging space for our bedroom. It involves two old antique ladders on each side, with repurposed floorboards a ...

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As I'm nearing the end of our backyard games room project, I had an eclectic assortment of items in my basket during my long weekend trip to Bunnings. ...

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Hi All. We've just purchased a house and we'll be getting the keys in December.I'm fishing for tips, ideas and advice for a home reno. What mistakes h ...

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