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Recently I've been completing some renos on an 80's home getting it ready for sale. I've given the kitchen and bathroom a makeover, installed a new tr ...

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Hi there, I’m very new to this group . Hoping to get some advice from personal experiences . We need to liven up and modernise our 19yr old brick hom ...

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Kintsuglue is a new moldable putty that can be used to repair, reconstruct, enhance and protect. The putty has many applications, including repairing ...

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Hi All, I have just bought a 1920's bungalow in Rosebery which requires a little bit of TLC. We are focusing on comestic things initally. The int ...

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Anybody out there who has painted old bathroom tiles and floor and can recommend a good product for it? Thanks !

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We are always trying to do things on a budget, sometimes it works, sometimes it goes over. But we love to do things to the house & as you all know it ...

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I made this some time ago using pallets. It’s so rewarding to see the look on people’s faces when they realised they are sitting on furniture you ...

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Hello, I have just moved into a California Bungalow, although quite possibly the oldest one in the country!! It is a fibro house built, I think, in t ...

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I have salvaged an old table my partner liked, and painted it with a water based paint that she aquired because she liked the colour. Can i put a wate ...

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Hey Everyone, This is my first post on here I am looking for some ideas to renovate the kitchen within a budget, abit about the property: Rental (Lau ...

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i would like some advice on the best way to sand paint chips on my weather boards before i paint the whole house

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How can i remove all sticker glue from the walls and ceilings before painting?

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Hello!! We’re just at the beginning stages of renovating and don’t have the budget for a new kitchen. Im wondering if anyone can tell me if painted l ...

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Not long ago a friend tripped in our hallway while wheeled his bike down it, leaving a handle bar shaped dent in the hallway plaster :/ We have a hous ...

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Hi guys this is my first ever post. My wife and I brought our first home and we have started to prepare for paint. We have come across some problems w ...

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Hi fellow DIYers, Firstly, I'm baaaaaaaaaack! after a 2 year hiatis I'm back to gain some skills and pass on skills that I know. Today my question is ...

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Hello to all you DIY addicts This is my first time posting in discussion so bare with me, but happy to be apart of a page that respects every ones ...

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Hi Folks,I've been commissioned by my sister in law to be to make an alternative wedding guestbook for their wedding in October.I have made one of the ...

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Hi all, We are currently renovating our 1960s brick home. We are situated pretty close to the beach so we are going for a coastal / Swedish vibe. ...

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