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Hi All, I have a few timber burls that I want to sand back/prep for possibly a coffee table or a wall clock....or something I haven't thought of yet.. ...

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Australian government research has found the world's ugliest colour. Apparently the research was done to find out what colour cigarette packets s ...

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As a novice here I’m enjoying the process of learning my newfound hobby. This project was a stool to be used for a plant to sit on (not quite ready fo ...

Community Manager Jason
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As I'm nearing the end of our backyard games room project, I had an eclectic assortment of items in my basket during my long weekend trip to Bunnings. ...

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I truly feel totally stupid. All I want is a piece of laminate cut that matches my kitchen bench to go over sink. Please see photos & measurements. I ...

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I was recently researching vertical and herb garden ideas. For myself there are two things that make or break my decision to undergo a project. 1. Is ...

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Hi there, I’m very new to this group . Hoping to get some advice from personal experiences . We need to liven up and modernise our 19yr old brick hom ...

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I go to garden centres or gaze at Pinterest and longingly wish that I could make my own garden art. Does anyone else ever feel that way.?..

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Kintsuglue is a new moldable putty that can be used to repair, reconstruct, enhance and protect. The putty has many applications, including repairing ...

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I was asked if I could make one of these for a friend. She had seen one but It came with a hefty price tag for what it was. She wanted a board that ...

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We are always trying to do things on a budget, sometimes it works, sometimes it goes over. But we love to do things to the house & as you all know it ...

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Hi There My husband & I are wanting to install floor to ceiling shelving in our office to store our books. We love the look of floating shelves but a ...

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We have an al fresco area & wanted/needed a coffee table, especially as we had visitors coming over My wife had salvaged 2 Euro pallets from roofing t ...

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I made this some time ago using pallets. It’s so rewarding to see the look on people’s faces when they realised they are sitting on furniture you ...

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Hello, I have just moved into a California Bungalow, although quite possibly the oldest one in the country!! It is a fibro house built, I think, in t ...

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I have salvaged an old table my partner liked, and painted it with a water based paint that she aquired because she liked the colour. Can i put a wate ...

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Hey Everyone, This is my first post on here I am looking for some ideas to renovate the kitchen within a budget, abit about the property: Rental (Lau ...

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