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Here is a link to the tutorial where I build a lightbox. This link will let you get enroled into a free tutorial class. I have built my lightbox,u ...

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Hi everyone,I haven't made anything in a very very long time and wanted to start out with something easy but I'd like some advice on which wood and sc ...

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Hello to all you DIY addicts This is my first time posting in discussion so bare with me, but happy to be apart of a page that respects every ones ...

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I like seeing photos of people's handiwork in the Aussie mancaves Facebook page. Here's a good one I saw recently of an old shed turned into a backyar ...

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I was recently researching vertical and herb garden ideas. For myself there are two things that make or break my decision to undergo a project. 1. Is ...

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Hi everyone! I have been away for a long time, but have something I think is exciting to share with you all Last weekend I finally got all my bits an ...

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Community Manager Jason
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Workshop community update #88 Hi all, It’s a privilege to chat to Workshop community members and share their amazing stories. It’s fantastic to ...

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Hi everyone I was hoping for some wiring helpwith my auto chicken door please. I have copied my plans from another post on this page by Darryl. I h ...

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I've seen a few seagrass mats turned into baskets and potplant covers on Instagram. They are only $1.95 so a very cheap project! Anyone done anything ...