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Trusted Supplier Loctite
Trusted Supplier
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Kintsuglue is a new moldable putty that can be used to repair, reconstruct, enhance and protect. The putty has many applications, including repairing ...

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Currently at work we are installing frog ponds in schools around the local area. One of the challenges has been establishing plant life to provide sh ...

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Hi all, What do get someone who has 2 of everything. Well our dear friends have decided to tie the knot and still have 2 of everything when they m ...

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My how time flys when yah having fun. I have been trying some new joint methods "Isoloc" So i though I would start with another jewellery box because ...

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Hi, just wondering if anyone knows how or where I could learn to make a basic coffee table from scratch? any tips would be great

Budding Browser
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I have salvaged an old table my partner liked, and painted it with a water based paint that she aquired because she liked the colour. Can i put a wate ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
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It's a massive weekend for footy fans, with the AFL and NRL Grand Finals. Both feel extra special this year with long-suffering underdogs finally havi ...

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Hi Guys First time post so please go easy on me, I have just purchased a 3 bedroom house with a large sloping front garden and a smallish flat rear ...

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Most of the computer tables in the market are of an office type design. I needed a compact table that would store all my gear and then some. My apolog ...

Junior Contributor
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Sheep can be heavy, so need to think about a sheep carrier. The height of the legs needs to be enough, so a trolley can slide underneath the sheep.Not ...

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Hi all, I'd like to share a project that I'd been thinking about doing for ages, but always found an excuse not to. I was either too busy or too la ...

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
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A couple of months ago I managed to grab a hold of some camphor laurel with some great colours. The hardest bit was working out what material I was go ...

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