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It can be hard to keep kids entertained during school holidays- even more so given our current situation! One idea to help keep them entertained is bu ...


Moderator Walter
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Hey everyone, I have the luxury of working from home, but that also means I like to get out and about so I don't get "cabin fever" However, this cu ...

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Hi I am a newbie and starting out to grow a veg patch. Don’t have a male around to help so wanting an easy way and coverage to stop cats etc ty

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After a lot of digging, monument fence paint, merbau deck extension and lighting, retainer walls and my first build with render to make a bench ...

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Hi all.I'm a rookie to the world of DIY but keen to get my hands dirty. Recently, we moved into a new property and I've finally started one of many la ...

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When life throws one a number of curve balls that prevent us from under taking the things we like to do, getting out into workshop, gardening, ect we ...

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I used some 42x30 pine, 19mm dowel, Walnut coloured stain, and 4x of the 10kg spreading wall hooks.Made a frame and used a spade bit to drill holes 15 ...

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My sister's dog has destroyed my fly screens front and back, all is good it can be replaced.But I have decided it's time to upgrade to something a bit ...

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I just decided on a whim to build my boys a cubby house on the weekend and I just wanted see what other people have done. If you have built a cubby ...

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Hi,I have some wood floors in my apartment which I think were damaged by water prior to our buying the apartment. Our neighbour told us that about 10 ...

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