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 Advice appreciated regarding replacement or cleaning of small  bathroom ceiling. Bathroom measures 2.2W x2.4L x2.9HBesides the obvious installation o ...


I’m looking to construct an easy assembly outdoor gate size 1metre wide by 2 metres high (preferably merbau or other appropriate timber) I’m a complet ...

Budding Contributor
12 replies

Hey folks, I'm mid-way through a bathroom reno and I managed to pick up a used vanity with tap, so would like to be able to use it all if possible. Th ...

New Contributor

What's the best layout for a laundry room that is about 2.2m x 1.6m? Ideally I would love a galley style laundry room. One side will have the washing ...

Experienced Contributor
7 replies

Just a small set of drawers made for a friend out of Bunnings' premium pine:

Budding Contributor
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I want to make a side gate for my front yard but i dont kno what to do can anyone help me?All i want is a simple gate.

Budding Contributor

Hey all me again thought id ask anyone have any experience in making kids sandpits? Looking for plans and ideas for chrissy


How to attach Iron-On Melamine Edging? Never used iron on edging before, how hot and how long to leave heat on the job and do you have to cover the ed ...

New Contributor
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I have two large passionfruit vines I have planted in large pots running across wires screening a water tank. One is a yellow fruit, the other purple. ...

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A few members have asked specific questions about Timber Decks I hope these additional resources and tools provide useful information in your endeavou ...

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