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I've recently moved into a new house with a huge palm tree in the front yard (20-30') which fairly regularly drops branches/fronds in windy weather. W ...

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Hi Everyone This is my first post. I am in the middle of a whole house renovation. It’s going well but as many of you would know the funds tend to ...

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Hi everyone, My houses internal walls made of the gypsum boards are empty inside! I am used to having brick or block walls and wanted to ask if anyone ...

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I recently built a rabbit hutch that I can walk inside without having to crouch or bend, with a sheet of laserlite at the back to allow me to clean bu ...

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Welcome to your Workshop. It is great to have you as a member of the community. We encourage you to say hello and introduce yourself. Please reply t ...

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This is my go-to project when my scrap wood heap gets out of control. Most of the wood I use in my projects is recycled. This one was made from old ...

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  • Meet Roy, a young bloke living the dream

    Roy has experience in a variety of trades and has tackled many different projects. He loves the satisfaction that D.I.Y. provides. "I’m always hungry for new building skills, and having a knock-about at a D.I.Y. project is my favourite way to learn."

  • Meet Noelle, experienced horticulturalist and writer

    Noelle describes herself simply as “a plant person”. “I enjoy writing about plants, from how to grow them to what you can use them for,” Noelle says from her garden in Melbourne’s south-east. “Ask me to research and write about a plant and I'm happy.”

  • Meet Ron, still fascinated with the way things work

    Ron has been tinkering in the workshop ever since he was a kid, and spent his career developing mechanical skills and teaching others. "I love learning, building on my knowledge and skills. Most mechanical engineers can turn their hand to just about any task.”