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Outdoor Plumbing

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Hi everyone, I have a solar hot water system and notcied today that there's a lot of mould on the solar panels. It's been a cold and wet winter in Mel ...

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Summer is fast approaching and one of the things I wish I built was an outdoor shower for my kids! But the idea passed by as I was too busy swimming w ...

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I have a large Concrete Tank that is seeping water through some small Crracks near bottom of tank Wondering does any-one Know of a product I could pat ...

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I have the great pleasure and challenge of designing the pool for the new house In our current place we have a small fibreglass pool which we didn't ...

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I'm writing about my custom pool design in a separate post but felt this aspect needs a specific post for itself. I want to hide my pool pump (1.5hp) ...

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Hi, The cement area behind the house has a semi unseless drain that collects the water and mud. Any ideas how to stop it blocking with mud as shown i ...

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Hi all, We have a Solarhart solar hot water system with a gas booster that's 10 years old. We have had a lot of problems with the gas booster failing ...

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DIY Rainwater harvesting…collection and storageApart from adding value to the home other Advantages include:-Requires little maintenance and energyRai ...

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Hi All, Just setting up an outdoor shower area and thought I would post progress pictures for those who are interested. 1. Drain installled and 10 ...

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