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How to build a timber deck

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Re: DIY Timber Deck Series

Hey @Wally102
I've come across a few projects of late where DIYers have asked similar questions
and I recon there would be 1000's of renos Alfresco Upgrades that may benefit
Here are some of the issues
-The deck (Floor+Joist+bracket) has to configure within 1 or 2 course Slab Drop off ie 86mm or 172 Respectively
- Since most slabs aren't necessarily level the brackets would need to be adjustable (One size fits all), robust and simple to place and fix
- Also adjust-ability would be a bonus if timber shrinks warps, bows etc.
I'll see if i can locate something suitable off the shelf or which may need slight modifying and post back
@JasonThis would be something that Bunnings should look into
Currently Stirrups would be an overkill and Shims/packers don't fix/attach properly,etc,etc

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Re: DIY Timber Deck Series

Thanks Bim,

 I have searched but have to no avail found anything that could prop up the joists with such little clearance hence why I went with the plastic window packers!

but will be interested if you find something.

Cheers Wally

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