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How to build a timber deck

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Re: DIY Timber Deck Series

Hey @Wally102
I've come across a few projects of late where DIYers have asked similar questions
and I recon there would be 1000's of renos Alfresco Upgrades that may benefit
Here are some of the issues
-The deck (Floor+Joist+bracket) has to configure within 1 or 2 course Slab Drop off ie 86mm or 172 Respectively
- Since most slabs aren't necessarily level the brackets would need to be adjustable (One size fits all), robust and simple to place and fix
- Also adjust-ability would be a bonus if timber shrinks warps, bows etc.
I'll see if i can locate something suitable off the shelf or which may need slight modifying and post back
@JasonThis would be something that Bunnings should look into
Currently Stirrups would be an overkill and Shims/packers don't fix/attach properly,etc,etc

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Re: DIY Timber Deck Series

Thanks Bim,

 I have searched but have to no avail found anything that could prop up the joists with such little clearance hence why I went with the plastic window packers!

but will be interested if you find something.

Cheers Wally

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Re: How to build a timber deck

I have a council sewer running through the area I wish to build a deck. Although the deck will be on posts, they are not keep to ‘build over sewer’, but cantilever is ok.

can I cantilever woodedn beams 3 metres? 

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Re: How to build a timber deck

Generally Water Authorities will require engineering Piling details to be submitted with plans, Engineer Certified and approved
before works can commence
Things to consider, Soil Type (angle of repose), Pad Footings, Pipe Invert level (Depth), Size of the pipe?,etc along with Steel Posts, Beam  & Cantilever design? hth


Re: How to build a timber deck

Hi, I’m interested to follow the info for Wally102 as we have a similiar type back patio area and I’m looking into putting decking over the top. If BIM_Engineer can also tag me in what you recommend for Wally102 that would be awesome!
Thank you very much 🙂
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Re: How to build a timber deck

Hi @Tanika 

You may wish to consider using a Top Hat Section

Further points to consider

1.Thicker base metal

2.Galv Coating Thickness

3. Wider lip for fixing

4.Slope of slab to avoid water ponding beneath decking

5. Environmental conditions, if Coastal-> Corrosion->Life span

6. Section spacing is dependant on deck type, thickness, material & Loads

OT, It would have been easier & cost effective if the builder  dropped the slab another course ( then options would have increased),

The best time to negotiate this & all structural/critical components is before you sign the contract, It's not like you can whip down to Bunnings and change the  door handles after hand over, unfortunately now you are left worse off with limited options



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Re: How to build a timber deck

Hi @Tanika,


Great to see you join in the discussion and see you receive a prompt reply from Chris. We look forward to seeing how your outdoor project progresses. 


Welcome to the community. I'm sure you'll receive plenty of helpful information, inspiration and advice for this project as well as many others to come. Our members are very helpful. Feel free to post whenever you need a hand or have something to share.






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Re: DIY Timber Deck Series

Bunnings have two types of adjustable deck feet which are perfect for use on uneven concrete. Called Eurotec Smallfoot they come in two sizes. Simply nail screw/your joists to them and put the decking on top.



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Re: DIY Timber Deck Series

This thread has been very informative. I am looking at building a 3.6 x 4.1m freestanding deck so i watched the videos on Bunnings website on how to build a deck it seems they use concrete stumps with threads already on them, i like this idea but it seems Bunnings in W.A do not stock these, so what would my options be? Maybe something like this cut to size and concreted in?    Also how would i join it to the bearers? with straps maybe?  Thanks.

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Re: DIY Timber Deck Series

Not all items are stocked by Bunnings , but they can be specially ordered
Concrete stumps are also easy to make yourself
You'll need some ply form, 6 mm galv rod reinforcement, 12mm Threaded rod and ready mixed bagged concrete
Alternatively, if you are going to use timber posts you will require Stirrups, Straps or pryda brackets

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