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Suggestions on what to do with my old kitchen

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Re: Suggestions on what to do with my old kitchen


Hello @JRRed your idea was great re; Auctions.  Another thought is second  hand and I have done this and found it worked out great as I ended up using left over modules in my daughters wardrobe and some in my workshop.  I did have too hire a big trailer and then a 3 hour drive for one kitchen but it cost me $100 so I didn't really care at the time. 

If you managed to find one cheap enough you may be able to hire someone to collect it for you.  Or maybe have someone who could help you out.  If you look online Gumtree is good and also Marketplace on Facebook.  You can even put up your own add looking to buy. @Di1 


Only a thought after @JRRed great suggestion of an auction.  Not sure if they have them in the country, so thought local papers, facebook market place and Gumtree are all great places to find kitchens locally or not that far away.


Keep up the great work ladies... 

This Old Gal  :smile:



Re: Suggestions on what to do ON A BUDGET with my old kitchen!

Looking at above budget you want to allow additional for installation, tiling, painting etc (quoted above $2k - I would double that at least).  There will be people around who do $2k (eg serviceseeking) - but you are really take a chance. Pay for proper installation the first time is always better in the long run. 



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Re: Suggestions on what to do ON A BUDGET with my old kitchen!

Welcome to the Workshop community @CWC.


Thanks for jumping straight into the conversation with some sound advice. We trust you'll fit right in with all our knowledgable members contributing their own advice and projects here daily.


We are looking forward to seeing what projects you have going on around your home. I would encourage you to start a discussion anytime you have something to share with the community or if you are in need of advice.





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Re: Suggestions on what to do with my old kitchen

Hello @Di1 ,


A friend of mine whispered to me to sharpen my pencil and re-do my initial guesstimate of your renovation.


Kitchen cabinets : 3,250.00 kitchen cabinets, doors, hinges, handles, kick boards ( Gloss white )
Bench top :  645.00 ( five x FJ laminated Merbau panels @129 ea.)

Sink : 99

Sink mixer : 68

320 for your vinyl floor

150 for 2 cans of 15ltr paint ( Spring )

100 for 5 boxes of Duratile White ( 10 x 30 cm )

45 for 1 bag of tile glue

23 tile grout

55 ceiling light

50 new power points


875 oven and cook top

118 rangehood


So far : $5798.00 if you still have that 12,000 budget you should have $6,202 you now have room to wiggle and plan this really well.


Operation kitchen upgrade :


Like most people I'm sure you have a budget that you operate on. What we need to do is to slowly gather our materials in preparation of  the actual event. The cabinets, associated accessories and doors are the first major purchase. This bulk purchase will guarantee that your kitchen will be in your garage or in a safe place in your home and will not be subject to price fluctuations once it is in your home. ( The hard part is being patient. ) Once you recover ( the budget ) from this big purchase next is the bench top ( FJ laminated Merbau Panels ) this panel is considered a project panel but is sufficient enough to serve as a kitchen bench top. When stored I suggest laying it flat on a carpet away from cold moisture. After this purchase we wait awhile again and then the appliance package oven, cook top and rangehood. Your almost there! You purchase the rest in time with your budget and once you complete the pieces of the puzzle the only thing left is pining down a builder or handy man that will actually show up to do this. But now your budget will be much more significant as you did not buy this all in one go. Accessories, bits and pieces can be purchased slowly and in time with allowable cash on hand. Our mantra for this project is "slow but sure". Below is the revised design of your kitchen. I've re-arranged some of the cabinets and removed some wall units. The facility for storage is still there just modified to make the whole thing more affordable. I hope your doing well in this current situation we are in and look forward to the time that you post your new kitchen here on workshop. Stay safe!










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