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Suggestions on what to do with my old kitchen

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Re: Suggestions on what to do with my old kitchen


Hello @JRRed your idea was great re; Auctions.  Another thought is second  hand and I have done this and found it worked out great as I ended up using left over modules in my daughters wardrobe and some in my workshop.  I did have to hire a big trailer and had a 3 hour drive for one but it cost me $100 do I didn't really care at the time. 

If you managed to find one cheap enough you may be able to hire someone to collect it for you.  Or maybe have someone who could help you out.  If you look online Gumtree is good and also Marketplace on Facebook.  You can even put up your own add looking to buy. @Di1 


Only a thought after @JRRed great suggestion of an auction.  Not sure if they have them in the country, so thought local papers, facebook market place and Gumtree are all great places to find kitchens locally or not that far away.


Keep up the great work ladies... 

Old Gal  :smile:



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