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Shed Renovation

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Shed Renovation

Hi everyone

We are in the process of buying a property which has this large shed at the end of the garden.  The block is a fair size at 1200sqm so ideally we would like to convert this into a type fo granny flat - the shed is 9m x 4.5m - really for our son to use more of as he gets older and for somewhere for friends to stay.


I was thinking of double doors to replace the roller doors and a large window where the smaller window is, relacing the roof with colourbond and then painting it a light grey with white trim and maybe adding a deck to the front.  


Does anyone have any advice on the process and planning?





Community Manager Jason
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Re: Shed Renovation

This looks like it has fantastic potential @Angelina


I'm sure Workshop members will be able to assist. You might also find these previous discussions helpful:







Hope that helps get you started.




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Re: Shed Renovation

What are the walls made from @Angelina?

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Re: Shed Renovation

Thanks Jason!  Those links are great resources!  Will do some reading now!  Getting exicted about the idea of creatiing!  Thanks!

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Re: Shed Renovation

Hi Kermit!

The exterior walls are weatherboard, they look the same colour and material as the house.  Inside it is as basic as can be, concrete floor and just a framework of wood and metal.

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Re: Shed Renovation

Hi Angelina
Firstly, you should contact your local Council/town planner to find out what you are permitted to do and the restrictions on the building and to ascertain if you need approval, if someone is going to live in it.....not so important if you are making small changes for your family to use as you describe above.
Secondly, depending upon the year the original garage was constructed, that 'weatherboard' walls may be asbestos and from looking at the picture, I believe that the roof will be too.
So call in an asbestos removal company before you start working on the building for their opinion. Better to be safe than sorry.
Your idea of replacing the doors and windows is great....Or, you could replace one of the garage doors with a single entry door plus window if you wanted to make a proper looking entry. A definite yes to the deck. Paint colours: for a dark grey roof Colorbond Monument is one of my favourites and light walls, then Taubmans Twill is a nice light grey. Or visaversa....light grey roof Colourbond Shale Grey and walls in Colorbond Monument.....or a really nice medium to dark grey is Dulux Timeless Grey.
I'm excited for you. Great project
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Re: Shed Renovation

Thanks Belinda!

I have beenon the phone to council this week and finally have an answer, which is that we can probbaly put a toilet and sink in there, but myabe not a full bathroom and kitchen.  Which is fine.  There are edrooms plus a study in the main house and only 3 of us, so we're not despertae to create another dwelling, but it would have been nice to have the option.  

Anyhow, from the building inspection the walls are timber frame with hardiplank cladding and the roof is corrugated steel and polycarbonate sheeting.  So no asbetstos which is a relief!

Love the ideas on the colours, we want to ideally tie it in with the same colours on the house, which a nice light grey wall, white trim and maybe a dark roof would be so nice.  Just need to pay for it all now.

We move in in 5 weeks, so am in full on planning nad list maing mood - very excited and feeling relieved to have a community of advise and expertise to help me guide me through this unknown and bewildering process!

Thank you!!!


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