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After, will also add fairy lights

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I've recently been looking at this product after I saw an ad on TV for it: ...

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Hi everyone We are in the process of buying a property which has this large shed at the end of the garden. The block is a fair size at 1200sqm so ide ...

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I was organising my photos over the weekend and stumbed across our shots for a project at our old inner city house. When we bought it, there was a gru ...

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Do you get bugged off with the amount of sanding pads you go through and how much you pay for new pads? Ever though of recovering and reusing them ove ...

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need to get some ideas on what are the different areas of workshop

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Spotted this and thought my fellow workshoppers would appreciate it. Can't wait to get my hands on one of these - might even sign up to the kickstarte ...

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Hey guys I've been wanting to turn our garage into a workshop. Does anyone have any good cheap ideas on how to go about changing a garage into a works ...

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So thanks to all the recent rain in Melbourne, we’ve found out how non-water proof our Garage out the back is. It’s a garage shed that isn’t connected ...