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Poll: What's your D.I.Y. skill level?

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Re: Poll: What's your D.I.Y. skill level?

Well I have a little name tag that says I'm an expert in several areas, if that means anything. One thing I learnt early on in my career at Bunnings, was to pay attention to people that know their trade and/or are very good at what they do.

I always thought that the information I can learn from them would one day pay off, whether that be when I build my own house or have to answer peoples questions on the subject. 


I am reasonably humble about my skill-set but I'd have to go Expert in "D.I.Y", some-what lacking in specific areas, though I am very confident in the majority of D.I.Y applications.

Although I'll rate myself an expert, I will never stop listening and absorbing any information someone is willing to give to me. 

I am also very happy to be corrected and told I am doing/sayin something wrong, so feel free to pull me up anytime.


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Re: Poll: What's your D.I.Y. skill level?

I'm an absolute beginner with most manual DIY tasks, although I'm pretty good at electronics.

I can slap paint on a wall or cupboard, and yes, repair a cupboard that was coming off the wall (used an angle bracket and it turned out nice)

I recently learned how to fix holes in plaster and have become quite adept and happy I learned something I wouldn't even try to do in the past :smile:

I can't even begin to build shelves,but give me a flat pack and I'm going to be fine. I recently put up a load of "bit boxes" in my electronics workshop, and actually got it all straight! but heck that's not difficult.
I can grow roses that look nice, and I'm good at plants (green thumb)

I work with a friend who is good at building what I design - my letter box is shaped like a Newtonian telescope (picture coming). I designed it, he built it, and my next project is.......

We have had some trees chopped down, and we are using the stumps as decorative pedestals instead of stump grinding. One of them may end up as a table. Yes, the stumps are that big. That's the plan anyway. It all depends on how good I get, but If I design it well, my friend can do the making.

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Re: Poll: What's your D.I.Y. skill level?

I rate myself lucky! Me and my brother were clearing bush one day and a wild swing from my brothers machete landed on the bony top part of right foot! I will go with adequate but always open to learning more! The answer to the question was yes it was just a flesh wound and my brother never heared the end of it from my mom! Your never too old to DIY!
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Re: Poll: What's your D.I.Y. skill level?

I'm pretty good at most things, for those which are new to me I look up on the internet and based on that sometimes I decide that a tradie is a better option. Often when I use a tradie though, I make all the preparation work myself, like digging or gathering information going into the roof cavity measuring and making sketches for example; then I do the final plastering or gap filling or just painting. Often the job requires a new tool which might be more expensive to buy or rent, considering the risk of first time use.
I also try to be around when tradies do work so I can soak up some knowledge and make sure they do a good job, given some bad and shonky experiences in the past. Of course electrical and plumbing work I get done by a tradie, and sometimes chase them for the certificate of compliance! I do design a lot of my projects, to optimise the materials and make sure I buy all that I need. Often I also build mock-ups of shelves or cabinets or other with cardboard, to get a feel on the right size and/or discuss with my wife the proper placement.
Often I start doing a job and discover some shonky older work, so I have to extend the scope of the project!
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Re: Poll: What's your D.I.Y. skill level?

Jack of all trades, master of quite a few. Just love learning new skills.
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