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Updating your kitchen on a strict budget

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Community Manager

Updating your kitchen on a strict budget


Workshop community update #63


A kitchen renovation doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise, even when you are faced with a dated 70s monstrosity.


It’s surprising that with as little as $1500 you can totally transform a dated kitchen and create a stylish space.


Make sure you check out what the Bunnings team were faced with when they recently renovated a 70s house, and let us know how you would tackle the kitchen project.  


Other highlights from the past week on Workshop included:







This week Workshop members have also discussed whether subway tiles will date, and shared inspirational photos on the gallery.


Many thanks to everyone who participated in Workshop discussion this week. The members who received the most likes in the past seven days were @dingodudette, @aly, @darylhewston, @Willow and @PJA. Thanks again for your contributions.



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