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Combating those garden pests

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Combating those garden pests


Workshop community update #62


It can be really frustrating battling pests in the garden. We often put a lot of love and care into our plants, and then to see them get damaged by unwelcome visitors can be heartbreaking.


Fortunately, there’s usually plenty of ways to stop pests from doing harm and keep them away for good. You just need some advice from an experienced green thumb.


@SeanLing has discovered his garden soil is infested with the destructive root knot nematode. Fortunately, it looks like he’s already on the right path to controlling the problem.


Workshop member @_Marley_ also got some help this week dealing with red spider mites on her tomato plant, while @geejaybee updated us on her hands-on battle with the invasive weed soursob.


Here’s some other highlights from Workshop posts in the past week:








Many thanks to all Workshop contributors in the past week. The members who received the most likes for their posts in the past seven days were @aly, @Super66, @darylhewston, @dingodudette and @Ashu.


Looking forward to reading about your projects and plans over the next week.



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Re: Combating those garden pests

I just got an email from Yates as I'm in their gardening club. It says there's an outbreak of lawn armyworm and curl grubs in my area of Melbourne. 

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