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Transforming a room on a tight budget

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Transforming a room on a tight budget


Workshop community update #68


Hi all,


It’s fantastic to see someone radically transform a tired room on a small budget.


This week @Darren showed what can be achieved with just $1250 and some hard work. His dated second bathroom now looks terrific. I’m sure Darren’s project will inspire other community members who have kitchens and bathrooms from the 80s that are now showing their age.


It’s been another interesting fortnight on Workshop, with plenty of D.I.Y. and gardening discussion. Some of the most popular Workshop posts from the past couple of weeks included:










Special thanks to our top contributors to Workshop this week. The community members who posted the most popular content in the past seven days were @Kermit, @Wayne, @Isobel, @BIM_Engineer and @maknilsin. Thanks again for your fantastic contribution to the community.


Thanks also to all those community members who have spread the word about Workshop this week. If you find a post useful or interesting, please hit the Facebook or Twitter button and share with your friends and family.


Happy Mothers Day to all the mums on Sunday. Check out our gift ideas if you’re stuck for something for your mum.



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