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Solar quote

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Solar quote

Hi all I just recieved a quote to fit 12 panels and a converter for $9500 is that to much I have 10 cooling of days everybody says I am being taken to the cleaners on this deal Somebody out there please help I am 70 year old male on a pension they told me I could get the $4500 Government rebate on completion of the panels fitted  Regards Bear

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Re: Solar Quote

Hi @Bear60,


A very warm welcome to Workshop. We're pleased you could join us and look forward to reading all about your home improvement projects around the house and garden.


This is a popular topic at the moment so I'm sure members like @TonyJ@Kev@Brad and @Henno would be happy to assist. And I take it you have seen this previous discussion -


It would also be helpful if you specified what type of panels you have been quoted, as well as the type of inverter and the total output of the system.






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Re: Solar Quote

Welcome @Bear60 - you'll get a lot out of Workshop


Excuse my direct response but just to be honest, you're being ripped off. Unless you're getting a battery with that...I'd take advantage of that cooling off period and do some shopping around.

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Re: Solar Quote

Hi @Bear60,


I would encourage you to go to this site -


It has loads of helpful info and you can quickly and easily get other quotes. Without knowing all the details, it seems your quote is way too high. I would recommend you get multiple quotes so you can compare. You also should get detailed information based on your past electricity usage about how long it will take to break even on your system. 


What state are you in?

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Re: Solar Quote

Hi Ahoy,
I'm looking into a solar installation as well and that solar quotes site looks like it could be the answer..
Thanks for the link..
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Re: Solar Quote

For context @Bear60, I just received a quote for an install I'm getting done and it came in at $5,500 inc GST for 22x 300W Trina Honey monocrystalline panels which is a 6.6kW system with a Fronius Primo Inverter 5.0kW. This isn't to say it's a good deal, I'm yet to get comparisons and negotiate, however, you can see it's already much better value than what you're being offered.

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Re: Solar Quote

Good luck getting out @Bear60. I hope you didn't sign anything. A relative of mine got stung last year by a high quote and lost their deposit when they backed out, which I thought was unethical because the installer hadn't done any work. 

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Re: Solar Quote

Hi @Bear60 Curious what state you are you in? I’m in VIC so can only compare to a system we were quoted this week. We are going through a trade customer of ours (we both work at Rinnai/Brivis). So very lucky we can trust what they have quoted. We’re a family of 5.
System quoted is a 20 x 310w panels, 6.5kw system with a 5.0 inverter. $5000 minus STC rebate $3000 (rough estimate).

Definitely use the link to get an idea on what system suits you. Using your previous bills, your location and recent BOM reports plus the location to install the panels will help recommend what system to look at. Also great way to see what GOV deals you are eligible for. Also most honourable Dealers will actually claim the rebate on your behalf. They would already be approved and have the right paperwork to speed up the process. So for them to ask you to pay the total upfront doesn’t seem right. Normally it’s whats owed minus the rebate.

Hope that helps and good luck!


** sorry should add all our major appliances are gas even our dryer.

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