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Pix of my work

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Pix of my work

Some of the woodwork I've done other the years . Some before my injury ; Some after . 

IMG_6426.JPGPots & Utensils Rack .IMG_6427.JPGIn the Kitchen .IMG_6428.JPGPatio Airer .IMG_6431.JPGCooking Tray Rack .IMG_6434.JPGWe purchased Cube Shelving from Bunnings & I made & added Bi-Fold Doors .IMG_6438.JPGIMG_6437.JPGSome Pyrography after the Injury .IMG_6439.JPGA Coffee Table with large Draw for my Mother , pre-injury .IMG_6448.JPGThis Little Guy was a Knife Rack . ( But I made the Slots too wide ) .

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Re: Pix of my work .

Great to see some photos your handiwork @Neilus. Many thanks for sharing. What are you working on next?




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Re: Pix of my work


Great work, love the bifolds.

Do you mind me asking how you were injured as it seems it has made an impact on your life at one point but you got through it?



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Re: Pix of my work

Hello Barbara , I don't mind you asking Love . I broke my R leg in 1974 & had to have 5cm's of bone cut out . With my leg shorter & not knowing the outcome today it has caused my pelvis & spine to be all out of whack ( a bit like some of my early woodwork , heehee ) but we were never told about having my shoe built up to help me back then . Now , after working with heavy lifting & twisting & turning over 37 years I am paying the price . The last 3 years have been very hard to cope with but the good thing is I am still here trying my best to keep smiling . There are people out there worse off than me and I really feel for them as we try to live life the best we can . It's hard but I try to help here at home with my Sister . ( She has been such a Marvel really , my Rock ) I can't stand or sit for any longer than two hours these days so I need to rest a lot . Not good for one who was active but again I try my best . Cheers Barbara , I appreciate your care , thank you .

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