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Keeping mice out of the house

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Keeping mice out of the house


Lately there has been a bit of a mice plague in the Riverland area.


I've tried all sorts of traps to catch them but they only catch one at a time and you have to empty them ready for the next one.


Unfortunately most of the mice that come into the house do so during the night when I'm asleep.


I thought about getting one of those gadgets you plug into a power point that's suppose to repel mice.


There was a lot of bad reviews about them, so I decided not to get one.


In desperation I searched the internet and came across something I had never heard of before.


This person said that they had great success at repelling mice with this method.


All he had done was to thread cotton wall balls onto a wire and then dripped some peppermint oil onto the cotton wall balls and placed the unit at the place where mice were getting in.


In my case the mice were getting in through the doggie I place the cotton wool balls there, at the bottom of the door.


I have not seen a mouse in the house since !!..I was amazed that such a simple device could repel mice !!


If anyone is having the same problem with mice that I was, I would suggest this as way to get rid of them..



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Re: I Hate Mice

Thanks for sharing the tip @Prof. I hope it helps others in the community with similar issues with rodents.


There was a discussion on the electronic devices here -


Is it particular weather conditions that have contributed to the plague in your area?



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Re: I Hate Mice

Yes I believe that the weather pattern has been ideal for mice..They seem to love very still nights!.

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