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Sunken firepit and BBQ

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Sunken firepit and BBQ


Bought my first (and probably only) house a couple of years ago and it needed a good yard cleanup (amongst alot of other stuff lol)


I discovered some old water mains cutoffs that I didnt know what to do with underneath "the jungle" behind the back sheds, and I always wanted a firepit / wood BBQ - so I worked out somthing just with what I had laying around. I just laid the pipe on the ground sitting upright, and started using the shovel around the outside of the pipe to make sure I got a nice circle


I also made a dodgy cover so somebody doesnt fall in, and i can just mow over the top (its already actually saved a small car from falling in also lol - dont skip the cover)


I was a little worried about airflow for the fire (its 60cm+ belowground) and was prepared to install a "breather" metal pipe from the bottom of the firepit to ground level if required to allow airflow to the bottom  - but it didnt seem like it was required after trying it out a few times



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Re: Sunken Firepit/BBQ

Hey @Prawns,


Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great project - fire pits are always popular with the Workshop community! We look forward to reading about some of your other projects and plans. 


Let me extend a very warm welcome to the community. It's fantastic to have you join us. Feel free to post whenever you have something to share or need a hand. And please let me know if you ever need help getting the most from the site or have any feedback about how we can improve Workshop for you.






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