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Stair tread replacement

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Stair tread replacement

Hi. Thanks for the oprotunity to find information here.

I have replaced the concrete stair treads a few times over the last 30yrs and alway thought they were ugly at the front of my house. They are again cracking and need replacing.

Are there any alternatives in composite materials that will be strong enough to be used as treads and remain looking good.

There are a few alternatives for decking but I have not yet found any manufacturers that make say 50 mm solid lengths.

Any help woould be appreciated.



Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Stair tread replacement

Hi @skins,


Welcome to Workshop. I hope you find lots of helpful information and inspiration for your projects from our community members. We're happy you could join us. Please post whenever you need a hand or have a new project to share. 


I trust our members will be able to provide some suggestions for your steps. However, it might help it you shared a photo with us so that members see what you are working with. Let me know if you need any help uploading an image.






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Re: Stair tread replacement



Have you currently got something like this?


What about new wooden steps with something like this? -

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Re: Stair tread replacement

Yes . Thanks Marty, I think I will have to go with quality hardwood treads and just keep the treatment up to them. Thanks for the suggestion tho.

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