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Front elevation - final design. Thoughts?

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Front elevation - final design. Thoughts?

For those that don't know, I'm building a new home and we've finally got out slab down with the first bricks being laid last week so it's exciting times now, that's for sure!


Over the wknd we also managed to lock down our design for our front elevation. It has a render finish and the builder will paint it in 3 complimenting Dulux greys before I go in and get my hands dirty giving it a facelift to look like the sketch below



Colorbond roof: Surfmist (which looks more white in real life (compared to samples))

Gutters: Surfmist

Sectional garage door: Surfmist

Main render colour: Surfmist

Feature pillar: Western Myall

Portico: Batten cladding (below) in a composite material. Real timber requires too much maintenance. Perth supplier.

Garage face/module: Dark grey stone brick-shape tiles. Melbourne supplier.

Driveway and path: Dark grey aggregate

'Landscaping': TBC but will have additional park space, fake grass, small garden beds with native plants, some sort of rustic feature.

battencladding.PNG       dgreybrick.PNG


Would love to hear people's thoughts.

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Re: Front elevation - final design. Thoughts?

For those interested in the progress of my build (rather than spamming Workshop with minor updates) you can follow it on Instagram @building.up.254 and my DIY account which will become more active as I start getting stuck into more projects again soon. Cheers
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Re: Front elevation - final design. Thoughts?

You can't go wrong with the basic colour concept you've chosen. Will look clean and sharp IMO.

The simple colour choices always go a long way and will never look too busy. Surfmist goes with anything and the grey will blend in well, I like the way you've chosen not to throw the eye off with the colours too much with the garage face and driveway too. Should look mint.

Who's the supplier for your cladding here in Perth? I need to look at this soon for the back of my place around a feature garden/pond area I'm looking at doing.


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Re: Front elevation - final design. Thoughts?

Many thanks for joining in the discussion and making your first post @Juzz85. I'm sure @ProjectPete will get back to you soon.


Let me also extend a very warm welcome to the Workshop community. We're pleased you could join us. Feel free to post whenever you need a hand or have a new project to share. We're looking forward to reading about your own projects and plans - perhaps you could kick off by starting a new discussion about your proposed feature garden?


Thanks again,




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Re: Front elevation - final design. Thoughts?

Thanks for the feedback @Juzz85 -- putting a lot of time, thought, effort and money in to my new digs Def trying to keep it fairly neutral so it doesn't date. Inside the house I intend to be more bold/creative where simply changing some furniture a a fresh coat of paint can work wonders.


I can connect you with people in most trades/supplies mate so never be shy to reach out. The cladding I'm getting direct from the warehouse and I'd be happy to help you get a quote.

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