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D.I.Y. artificial plant wall

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D.I.Y. artificial plant wall

We just built an amazing decked alfresco area and the boring brick wall was screaming "help me".

I have a creative spark and thought it could be a fun couple DIY project to do with my Fiancee.

We had a old temp fence sitting in the backyard, along with some Un-REAL artificial tiles and a packet of cable ties. This is all we needed to create the masterpiece!


1. Cut the temp fence or mesh into your desired size. We went for a 1.5m x 1.5m round circle.

2. Lay out the UN-REAL screening ontop making sure the whole area is coverered. This particular mesh panels click together, this is shown in one of the photos. 

3. Flip the temp fence or mesh over and using cable ties attach it to the mesh panel

4. Flip it back over and cut the screening to suit the shape

5. Hang in your desired area


20190224_115051.jpg20190224_121914.jpgOur plain, boring brick wall. BEFORE20190224_161556.jpgOur amazing brick wall. AFTER20190224_115048.jpgAttaching to the mesh

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Re: DIY Artificial Plant Wall

Looks amazing!!!
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Re: D.I.Y. artificial plant wall

Brilliant, well done @Nikkaz. Thanks for sharing your first project with the community. I'm sure your work will inspire others and we look forward to seeing more soon!


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Re: D.I.Y. artificial plant wall

Great job looks fantastic

Thats a big improvement over looking at a plain brick wall for sure

Something like that would look awesome around a staghorn as well I reckon (better than the wooden boards they give you lols)
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Re: D.I.Y. artificial plant wall

Did you get those greenery panels from bunnings?

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