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Tiled bedside tables D.I.Y.

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Tiled bedside tables D.I.Y.


I thought I would create my first post about how I put together my new side tables - I repurposed some old Freedom side tables that I really didn't like. On a trip to Israel, my fiancé came across these hand painted tiles and came up with idea to tile our bedside tables. It challenging to move ahead on a project that wasn't 100% my idea, but I put ego aside in this rare case. We actually used 2 types of tiles as we couldn't get enough of 1 style, but I like the subtle difference.

Here is a pic after I took the finish off (1 of 3 coats.) They were a really dark stain- of coarse the wood underneath isn't great – I used a stripper to get it off. I didn't need to sand it. I used some left over danish oil on it in the end which gave it a touch of colour but it the wood is very average and didn't really absorb it. 



It didn’t matter that it was a vaneer, it ended up with a cool shabby finish. When taking off the finish, I used a polystippa. I did 3 trips to get this after I kept running out. I also ended up doing 3 coats, fail and fail. My advice: Buy a lot more than you think you need x 3 as it needs to be applied really thick. I can’t even explain the consistency but it’s thick.


Next, I used a plunge router so the tiles would sit flush. This was a touch easier than I’d anticipated – I only had a round bit so I edged in the corners with a hammer and chisel – also easier than I thought. The wood is so bad is moves like cardboard.



For gluing the tiles onto this average wood. I would NOT recommend Durabond sellys. I glued down the tiles flush, left them to dry and checked in an hour and the glue had expaned raising the tiles. I had to push them down. I’ve tried to use the glue since on plastics and have had the same thing. I have no idea what this glue is for, but I’ll never use it. I was recommended this – but next time I would use regular wood glue I think.


All up – it was relatively easy face lift and I’m getting a lot of positive comments. I picked up some other furniture inspiration on this trip and i've created a couple of other projects that i'll post soon.


Would love to know what you think.

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Re: Tiled Bedside Tables DIY

Welcome to Workshop @NickM. It's fantastic to have you as part of the community.


Many thanks for sharing this project. The tiles look great. Looking forward to seeing more of your handiwork.



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Re: Tiled Bedside Tables DIY

Your bedside tables look gorgeous, and I love the tiles.

I'm very interetested in this as I'm always wondering if you can refinish veneered furniture.

To confirm, you used polystippa on the veneer and then danish oil?  Or did you actually take the whole veneer off? 

The end colour is really lovely.  Well done!

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Re: Tiled Bedside Tables DIY

@NickM The bedside tables look great! 

I saw this recently in a documentary I was watching (not about tiling tables), they had a tiled kitchen bench with all different kinds of tiles similar to the below. It looked amazing!




Haven't been able to find much more inspiration other than that one documentary, so I was excited to see your post! Did you need to seal the tiles or anything like that? Maybe not cause they aren't in a wet area. Also did you grout them? Apologies I couldn't tell from the images. They look pretty flush around the edges though. 


Thanks for sharing. I am eager to try this myself!

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Re: Tiled Bedside Tables DIY

Absolutely love what you've done here @NickM. You've inspired me look into some tile projects now! Great work, and cheers for the detailed instructions!

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Re: Tiled Bedside Tables DIY

aw shuks @kaylah_rose - I also bought a whole bunch more mismatch tiles from Mexico - I look forward to doing something with those. I was looking at tiling a tall boy that I was working on. Give it a go.



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Re: Tiled Bedside Tables DIY

My parents have a great outdoor setting where the table is placed tiles - similiar to the image below. It's pretty cool and something a little different to your standard outdoor furniture.


Tile Table

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