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Painting perfection?

New Contributor

Painting perfection?

I'm painting my bedroom at the moment (Taubmans Char Grey) and I'm completely messed up underneath the white cornice. I'm going to have to go back over and paint the cornice white and that's ok, BUT how do you get that lovely sharp line where the wall meets the cornice? 



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Re: Painting perfection?

Try using a flat wide edge scraper.


You hold the scraper along the top edge of the cornice and the wall, protecting the Char Grey and run the paint brush along the cornice.


This will stop the white paint getting on the wall as well as giving you the sharp line.

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Re: Painting perfection?

A very steady hand..!!!   

Alternatively, now that you've painted the Grey on the wall, run a line of painter's tape on the wall under the cornice. Then paint the edge of the tape with another coat of Grey. Doesn't need to be a thick coat, just enough to seal the edge of the tape.Any paint that bleeds under the tape will be the wall colour. Once this has dried, then paint the White on the cornice, but because you've sealed the edge of the tape, it won't bleed under, leaving a nice sharp line.

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Painting perfection?

Hi @Sian,


Just wondering how you went with your bedroom painting? Were you able to get a nice sharp line in the end? 


I suspect many in the Workshop community will be painting over the long weekend. I will be picking up a brush and a roller to do the first couple of coats in our new backyard studio.


Perhaps you could share your painting tips with the community?



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