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the history of my gardens

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the history of my gardens

C574D806-A730-48A5-AAF7-54F68EBA987E.jpegOne of the culprits that is the reason for a 2m fence around the gardens


B7B9CCAA-8414-4F03-813E-7EF1AF15B214.jpegWhat happened pens if you don’t maintain the garden for 6 months.


F8C90395-5696-4BEC-A8AC-61CB757DDAF1.jpegTopping up the bed,


481886AF-D048-44C2-9A65-98BEA554A705.jpegTaken to weed mat on top


ADFE8B0C-8B43-485B-80D5-B108A41E636E.jpegSugar cane leaf for mulch on top of the weed mat.


AD50C7C6-1925-4BCF-B6E3-D7BE24DA2F55.jpegPeat seed raisers are definitely the way to go






72061FA9-416B-4608-8640-FED37B4C476D.jpegPlumbing done around the fence. Each bed has a tap. This is connected to tank water.


0533EDE7-4548-4D5C-88AF-6878B99063C6.jpegTap for a bed and micro sprayers installed. To water, just need to turn the garden master tap on for 30 minutes.


F4443DD2-C187-46C9-83F7-04C9F6D6219D.jpegTomatoes and cucumbers




A2C76F4C-9E41-4D64-B472-EE8CEA85BEAA.jpegTomatoes going wild.




3060EC90-F822-42BB-B2B3-5FFCDB5CC5FC.jpegLocal helper.




6E71C16F-3824-4FE2-9462-3A49E5B62C7E.jpegThese are Jalapino chillies.


1A4D4DB1-57F6-4E7C-BBC7-C736BD8A1E75.jpegThe choko vine grows here




4641E991-71E6-4EA3-B272-6474C1CF4CAE.jpegThe other culprit that gave me the requirement of a 2m fence around the gardens


Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: the history of my gardens



Thanks for sharing such great photos. You must get a lot of home grown produce to enjoy. I'm sure other community members will be inspired by your work. 


You might be interested in this recent discussion kicked off by another keen gardener in @bergs -






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