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Yard reno

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Yard reno

Was checking out @Jason's blog post of top 10 garden makeovers & was motivated to add our story. BTW, I think some of Jason's picks (e.g. @maknilsin) were renos (major rework) rather than makeovers (cosmetic/low rework) but that's just my opinion; regardless, they were inspiring & a great read. Hope this inspires others like @mydreams--of course the scale can be varied to suit the space. We (my wife & I) have talked about making some planter boxes (I made some for my 80+ Mum last year to make her garden easier to manage) so I know if she sees the ones with the deck cladding, I'll be getting some directions promptly altho she is becoming adept at using various power tools (drop saw, table saw), hammer, cordless drill etc & successfully built a book case using laminated boards & threaded rod but that's another post...


Like a lot of ppl, we have a basic/bland yard. 600m2 block with road frontage on 3 sides (front & LHS facing house are entry/part of cul-de-sac; RHS road is access to estate). As you will see in the photos, we had done some tinkering--painted inside of treated pine fence, small deck & garden beds--while I was procrastinating. We started the reno in April when my wife pushed me to just jump in. Here's where we started...with our plan & the existing yard: right side is approx 14m, back fence is approx 25m


29749639_10157649374453128_4257978042254134346_o.jpgThe plan29595559_10157649559193128_305026646730965983_n.jpgSide of house

29597310_10157649559133128_393616703559137639_n.jpgbetween house & back fence 29595401_10157649559178128_5866558482774012164_n.jpgFrom back fence along LHS (from the front) next to cul-de-sac road

Then came the earthworks to get the levels for the boardwalk & decks--approx $800 for 1 day of a guy with mini-excavator & bobcat. And, yes, that's red clay you can see. Dry most of the time we were working (April-Aug in BrisVegas) but added 2cm to the boots when walked on when wet


29664763_10157649363218128_7447159647538324425_o.jpgSide of house29355064_10157649361793128_1704957850933850284_o.jpgAlong back of house between back fence


29664933_10157649363168128_790574055929141242_o.jpgLooking from back fence along LHS to clothesline29662910_10157649363083128_8910381154119659259_o.jpgFrom clothesline to back fence

Concrete pad for garden shed was outsourced--approx $1100. Conscripted (adult) children to spread mulch, erect garden shed, help build boardwalk...don't have a complete figure but $350 for 5m3 cypress mulch, $700+ for boardwalk timber (150x25mm plank tops, 800mm wide), $1100+ for semi-advanced plants


36044136_10157888417423128_6629378975967739904_n.jpg2 x Waterhousea floribunda (10m hybrid), Backhousia citriodora, birds of paradise,36239960_10157888417738128_289091079007895552_n.jpgnative & exotic gingers , small palms, Philodendron "Xanadu"36285426_10157888417563128_1289084388935467008_n.jpgPalms, agave, variegated cordylines29595238_10155473832388366_4562735562422479540_n.jpgboardwalk to clothesline & garden shed


Back deck construction... 4.5mx2.1m (WxD) approx $700 for materials



36566661_10157906443108128_8985529547004837888_o.jpg36623691_10157906444448128_3620810752270532608_o.jpg36241063_10157888417853128_5057356280604131328_n.jpgGarden in corner between 2 decks: palms, waterhouseas, red cordylines, elephant ears, giant bird of paradise, frangapani


Firepit with pizza & drinks to enjoy our work:

IMG_20180721_181732.jpgFirepit on the back deck for pizza & drinks

Then about a month later came the side deck--I was finding the construction techniques a bit overwhelming (400mm fall between house & fence) so more procrastination but we got there & here's the story in pics



IMG_20180804_171517.jpgStarting out on the side deckIMG_20180808_134235.jpgDone!IMG_20180902_163839.jpgThe al fresco area that's abutted to the back and side decksIMG_20180902_164003.jpglooking from al fresco to the side deck with gazeboIMG_20180916_170926_1.jpgLooking alng the RHS of the house from the front fence to the side deck

Approx $1500 for timber, hardware, & nail gun hire.

A little  more planting still to do around the water tank... but we've more than doubled the al fresco space so it's gone from being a holding space for BBQ & table to relaxationville! Side deck yet to be tested but we'll be having the in-laws over for dinner in a couple of weeks. Cheers



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Re: Yard reno

Brilliant result @pete_brig, many thanks for sharing. I'm sure your work will inspire other Workshop community members.


Let me also extend a very warm welcome to the community. Please post whenever you need a hand or have something to share. We have loads of helpful and experienced members who are always happy to assist. 


Looking forward to your next post.




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Re: Yard reno

@pete_brig What an amazing transformation! Surely a much better entertainment area, much more welcoming. The problem with pictures like yours and this site, is that it makes me want to get outside and do some work. I rent though, surely the owner won't mind some timber work here and there! Perhaps a little cabana?

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Re: Yard reno

@pete_brig - looks amazing! Fantastic work by the way, I still have fever dreams about clearing my backyard and doing the deck and your space is fair bit bigger than mine so god only knows how you managed that. 

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Re: Yard reno

Nice work looks great

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