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Start Gardening with these simple garden beds

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Start Gardening with these simple garden beds

So it's been a while - there's been loads happening at our place, the most important thing has been a new garden bed that my disabled husband made for me. We did alot of research into the fence palings and so we ended up lining it with black plastic and so far it's been amazing! 




We also scored some free soil, with the condition that we moved it ourselves - Which we did, barrow by painful barrow. 




This is the layering that we did - Paper, Manure, Soil, Manure, Soil - repeating manure and soil. We watered it in every 4th layer and it seems to have worked a treat!






We still have a couple of layers to go, but I'm hopeful to have something grown this winter  

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Re: Start Gardening with these simple garden beds

Great project @Sporky. Many thanks for sharing. What are you going to be planting?



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Re: Start Gardening with these simple garden beds

thanks @Jason

I plan on growing broccoli, beetroot and beans or peas or something like that. I've tried growing for a few years now and everything dies I hope this year is different!

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