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What to do with a cracked concrete path

New Contributor

What to do with a cracked concrete path

Hi everyone 

Complete newbie here.

We need some ideas of what to do with this cracked concrete path. Do we repair it or replace with something else?


We would like to make some wider stairs down the middle of the garden through where the pigface is eventually. 

Community Manager Jason
Community Manager

Re: Cracked concrete path.

Welcome to Workshop @Mhall. We're really pleased you could join in the discussion and trust you'll get lots of great advice and inspiration for this project and many more to come in future from our community members. Please feel free to post whenever you need a hand or have something to share. 




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Re: Cracked concrete path.

Hi @Mhall,


I reckon the concrete looks OK. Replacing it would be expensive. I'd suggest just painting it -


Before you paint you probably want to clean it and might find that improves it a lot and you might not even need to paint.


I'd spend the money on the stairs - that's what's needed most I'd reckon. 

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