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Working on my work nook

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Working on my work nook

Back in May in response to a post by Tara86 and an amazing example of a workspace I posted a photo (see the 1st photo in this post) of my work area in a corner of my garage which houses two cars and my prized Ducati sports bike. At the time it was funny but it also got me thinking that if I planned a bit I could make more of the limited space I had to make a more enjoyable area for my DIY projects. Since then I have in my spare time worked at making it more enjoyable and productive and visually appealing hence all the Ducati red. The 2nd photo shows how it is coming along and really what you can get done by nudging along in small chunks of time,  repurposing and wanting it. Of course it isn't finished - I am going to keep improving it and then making changes over time, and I look forward to it.  IMG_20180523_204341.jpg23 May 2018


IMG_20180724_063727.jpg24 July 2018


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Re: Working on my work nook

Looking forward to seeing how it comes along @Monument. Thanks for sharing. Garage and shed storage is a good project to tackle at this time of year when it can be hard to get outdoors.




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