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Help!! Unable to remove blade on Mitre Saw

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Help!! Unable to remove blade on Mitre Saw

Hi guys - was hoping anyone might have some ideas on how to remove a blade on my old Mitre Saw? The flange won’t budge and during attempts to loosen its stripped the hex hole. Tried WD-40 and no amount of force would make it budge.


Its an Ozito Compound Saw I purchased a few years ago and had replaced with a good quality blade about 18mths ago. As I’d gotten a new sliding saw I’d put it away and hasn’t been used. I understand that given the time frame it has probably caused the flange to stick but hoping there is something we haven’t tried that might help? The blade was fairy new when I replaced it but did have to use a (Bush?) so it would fit and wondering if that can make it difficult to remove?



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Re: Help!! Unable to remove blade on Mitre Saw

This happens all the time!

You may already know this but it is a common confusion as most are reversely threaded.
So the arbor nut / bold will tighten in the way the blade turns when powered. So have a quick look at how your mitre saw spins when it is powered and then go in the opposite direction to loosen the bolt.

If you're still stuck you could try heating the nut up with a pin flame just enough to loosen, just make sure that you do not heat it up to hot that it will melt plastic and damage the saw itself.

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Re: Help!! Unable to remove blade on Mitre Saw

My partner and I had ‘strong debate’ over which way to loosen ha ha. The instructions said we had to turn it clockwise which is the same way the saw spins when on. Also it’s embedded in our brains ‘Left Loose - Right Tight’.

Turning clockwise works for my sliding saw but it doesn’t have the added arbor as it’s the original blade.


I will try turning it left tomorrow and see if that helps at all - I’ll never hear the end of it should it work ha ha.  Unfortunately I don’t have a pin flame but I’ll ask a few mates who might have one. 


Thanks for your help!

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