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What bathroom heating do you have?

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What bathroom heating do you have?

In my house we've just got a really old radiant strip heater on the bathroom wall.  A bit like this but wall mounted:




It works OK but I get a bit nervous using it as it's really old and it's easy to forget to turn off. I worry I might burn the house down one day!


Now it's getting colder in the mornings I'd love to replace it with something more modern. In-floor heating is not an option unfortunately.


What bathroom heating do you have and could recommend?


TIA for any ideas.

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Re: What bathroom heating do you have?

Hi @Alicia, I'm not a heat strip or electrical expert but that seems dangerous to me - I imagine the steam/condensation and the heat strip could be a bad combination...


The heat lights are a good option IMO. I don't have one but have sed one in holiday homes and they seem quite effective.


Another thing to consider are heated towel racks - luxury

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Re: What bathroom heating do you have?

We don't have any. If you've got the space you could just try wheeling in a column heater or a panel heater. They usually come with a timer these days so you could set it to come on before you get up. 


I'd suggest most people just have a ducted vent or if they are lucky enough to have hydronic then a hydronic radiator, which are a lovely heat. Both are whole of house options though...



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Re: What bathroom heating do you have?

I have one of the newer style radiant strip heaters, they have sealed elements unlike the traditional exposed wires that it replaced.

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