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Laundry reno

Community Manager Jason
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Re: Laundry Reno — Update #1

Many thanks for the update @Mathy. Looking forward to seeing how you go with the floor. Let us know if you need a hand with anything.




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Re: Laundry Reno — Update #1

Right, so feeling completely #Annoyed. The guy to grind the concrete, didn’t turn up at 8:00am on Monday as organised. Upon querying as to where he was, he was on another job, and he could get to me by 10:30am. Still hadn’t arrived by 10:40am so sent him a text and said “don’t bother”.


#Rant: Why do people make a time and then don’t turn up, and then don’t make the second time? Because they couldn’t ORGANISE themselves out of a paper bag and have poor time management skills. I’m the customer, and I won’t put up with this rubbish. #EndRant :smile:


So, the new guy who’s going to grind my concrete, would prefer to make one trip and deal with all areas. So, this thread is going to morph into a Laundry, Bathroom, Toilet - floor thread - temporarily 😂

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