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Who doesn't like open plan houses?

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Who doesn't like open plan houses?

I'm surprised this morning that there's even a debate about open plan living. I can't imagine anyone wanting a kitchen and living and dining area separate, and ideally also spilling out into some sort of outdoor entertaining area. Sure a separate formal lounge can be lovely, as can a separate entertainment room, and you absolutely need privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms, but open plan living areas are fantastic for having lots of light and a communal space that people can enjoy together. As long as its not too big then heating/cooling and noise isn't really a problem is it?  


Who doesn't like open plan houses?

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Re: Who doesn't like open plan houses?

This seemed the most sensible perspective from the article:


"To date, we have not had a client who has wanted the kitchen, living and dining areas completely separate from each other. I think it is a key feature in the quintessential ideal Sydney lifestyle of indoor/outdoor living. Without a doubt this is how I would design my own home. 


We often segment out TV rooms and playrooms for the kids or a study space for adults to work or read and get away. Having these “private” spaces allows the “public” open plan living to be a space for people to come together and often entertain. 


Space is at a premium and everyone is always trying to maximise space and light in their renovations or new builds, and having less walls and a more open plan layout allows us to achieve this."

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Re: Who doesn't like open plan houses?

I don't think I could live in a totally open plan house or apartment, like a warehouse, but it makes sense for kitchen and living areas. They are the centre of the house these days and where all the activity happens. 

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Re: Who doesn't like open plan houses?

Addressing the title question.

Me, & I'm not debating. ; )
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Re: Who doesn't like open plan houses?

I have a love/hate affair with open plan. I love how it makes entertaining more enjoyable, as your not stuck in the kitchen hoping that everyone is enjoying themselves or worrying if good old Uncle Reg has made another racist comment lol.
The 2 things that I really don't like about open plan is 1) you can't quickly hide that you haven't cleaned up, there's no shoving things in a room and quickly shutting the door before it all topples over.
And 2) I'm an eclectic designer, I love having each room it's own canvas

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