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Removing tile glue from concrete slab

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Removing tile glue from concrete slab

We've removed the tiles from our bathroom floor & it looks like they were glued down just wondering how we remove the glue without gouging big holes in the slab
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Re: Removing tile glue from concrete slab

Welcome to Workshop @Shelb. It's great to have you as a member of the community. I'm looking forward to reading about your plans and projects. I hope you find plenty of great ideas, information and advice here, and enjoy the site. 


I'm sure helpful members of the community will be able to assist with suggestions for removing the glue on the slab. Are you planning to re-tile the bathroom or polish the concrete?



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Re: Removing tile glue from concrete slab

Thanks we have vinyl flooring to go over it so will probably have to use floor leveller anyway but I'd rather have to do as little as possible to get it ready
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Re: Removing tile glue from concrete slab

G'day Shelb
The cheapest option that I can think of at the moment will involve some kneeling on the floor & some sweat:
If you'd rather not kneel, there's this, but the wider blade, & the comfortable stance working some distance from the work surface, may actually work against you, as it's harder to apply direct pressure at the contact point (floor), so I wouldn't recommend:

If you have an electric drill:
If you already have a multi-tool:
If you have an angle grinder:

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