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Planting pots without drainage holes

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Planting pots without drainage holes

Hey guys,


Just wanting to find out what the best plants are for placing in pots or vases without drainage holes.


I recently planted some small succulents in some glass vases I had at home. As there were no holes in the vases (nor did I want to buy a glass drill bit - seemingly expensive) I decided to place some rocks at the bottom, followed by the soil and the succulents. Succulents are definitely on trend at the minute and are also rather resilient so i'm hoping they'll survive!


What plants do you suggest for no-drainage pots and vases? And what considerations need to be made in terms of sunlight and watering if placed indoors? - Thanks!


Here's how mine ended up...

Succulent Glass Indoor Vases

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Re: Planting pots without drainage holes

Nice planting @aly!


I'm also curious what the best plants are for pots/vases without drainage holes.


With regard to succulents I've had some experience with those. I had some very similar to your own in my office for a little while (see pics below). You need to be very cautious with getting the soil wet for these - in my cases the succulents never recovered after overwatering.  A few misty squirts from the water sprayer each week is all they really needed.


I also had trouble getting the sunlight balance right. I'd put them near an external window for weekends which seemed to work fine.  I think saturated soil was my downfall!





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Re: Planting pots without drainage holes

They look great @Ben - thanks for the advice! I'll be sure to limit how much I water mine and also casually move them around the house to get a bit more variation in sunlight!

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