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Describe your dream home

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Describe your dream home

Our homes say a lot about us, and we invest a lot in them. If money was no object, what would your dream home be like? What do you want to feel like when you walk through the door? How close is your current home to your dream?


My dream home would be spacious yet cosy, stylish yet casual, modern yet timeless. It would be warm and inviting and comfortable all year round. 



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Re: Describe your dream home

Spaces that blend indoors with outdoors, plenty of light, able to be opened up to take advantage of breezes in summer and nice and snug and warm in winter, and private zones for when you want peace and quiet away from the main activity zones, whethers its a snooze, reading a book or watching a film. 

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Re: Describe your dream home

This one will do...



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Re: Describe your dream home

My dream home would be one that cleans itself! Wouldn't that be ideal. In reality though my dream home would have enough room for my kids to play and stay around as they got older. Something stylish but not over the top
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Re: Describe your dream home

Big kitchen with plenty of storage.  Larger outdoor entertaining area and I like the idea of having a spare bedroom for guests.  Low maintenance, easy to care for gardens.  A block no smaller than 5 acres and a dog who doesn't leave hair all over the place.

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