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please tell me about your's

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Re: Architecture

Welcome to Workshop @syedmalik. It's wonderful to have you join the community. 


Perhaps you could kick off this discussion by telling us a bit more about your interests and your home?



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Re: Architecture

I'm not quite sure what you're after @syedmalik. Do you mean that you'd like us to describe our houses? 

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Re: Architecture

Had to google it, veranda apparently doesn't count as a front.

L-Shape 1945 – 1955
This style represented a change in the overall floor plan, the plan resembling a large "L" Shape. Usually with gabled ends to the L, with terra cotta tiles still being used, as concrete tiles didn’t appear until the late 1960s. Timber or steel framed windows were used, and front-facing fences resembled the house, much the same as had been seen since the Early Modern Period.

It does have concrete tiles though and has gone from no fence to wooden posts with pipe rails with mesh to a more traditional red brick with iron gates.
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Re: Architecture

I have no idea on the architectual style of my house. I think my favourite style is Californian Bungalows. My grandparents had one and I regret now not trying to purchase it. They have such great bones - and a timeless look. 

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