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Top 10 most popular raised garden beds

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A raised garden bed can help improve the quality and quantity of home-grown fruit and vegetables.


It can be easier to keep weeds at bay, easier to ensure optimal growing conditions, and easier to water your plants. A raised bed can also look terrific, yet be surprisingly easy to make.


We hope you are inspired by what clever and creative Workshop members have built. Please let us know if you need a hand building your own: we have many members happy to share their experience and knowledge.


Here’s our top 10 most popular raised garden beds on Workshop by pageviews:Timber sleepers are commonly used for raised garden bedsTimber sleepers are commonly used for raised garden beds


1. Raised vegie garden by @bruceprince


These large and sturdy raised beds constructed with timber sleepers have inspired Workshop members and visitors alike. Bunnings has full instructions for building similar garden beds.


2. Tall man raised garden bed for vegetables by @mdstorrs 


Workshop member @mdstorrs had never worked with large pieces of timber before, but these striking "tall man" boxes have won plenty of admirers. 


3. Garden bed front fence by @timjeffries


This brilliant project not only provides Tim the security of knowing his kids can’t easily run onto the road, but also provides space to grow food and build connections with neighbours.  “I think they’re functional, beautiful and build a bridge between our house and the street,” says Tim.


4. Raised vegie garden boxes made from fence palings by @Poppop


Boxes made using treated pine fence palingsBoxes made using treated pine fence palingsMade as a Christmas present and now residing on either side of a front door, these fantastic boxes are made from treated pine fence palings coasted with linseed oil.


5. Raised garden beds by @John44


Workshop member John cleverly turned a fence into a wonderful backyard feature by incorporating raised garden beds into the design. He even considered seating to provide an even more welcoming environment for all to enjoy.


6. Raised garden bed made from treated pine by @WoodenGregsWood


Designed to be an accessible height, this small raised bed was lined with weed matting and measures 1000mm by 700mm and is 300mm deep.


7. Raised garden bed using cypress and corrigated iron by @moshiach77 


Utilising cypress, hardwood sleepers and even some recycled pallet timber, this is the first of three raised beds that @moshiach77 is planning to build.


8. Planter boxes from a pallet by @lcantem


Workshop member Lester wasn’t sure how to convert pallets into a planter box, but with some helpful advice he soon created a wonderful planter box lined with recycled laserlite sheets.  

Pallet wood was finished with a home-made stainPallet wood was finished with a home-made stain 

9. Pallet planter boxes by @LePallet


One of the first projects shared by pallet expert Rylie, these fantastic-looking planter boxes were finished with a home-made stain.   


10. Planter box with timber deck cladding by @maknilsin


Part of a major backyard makeover, these attractive planter boxes were made from treated pine sleepers and then clad with decking boards.



More inspiration for your garden


Don't miss Workshop member @Adam_W's comprehensive step-by-step guide to building a raised garden bed. You can adjust the design in size and height to suit your needs. It even includes an optional seat for when you want to take a break and enjoy the garden.   


For beginners, Adam has also shared a step-by-step guide to building a really easy and simple raised bed.

Adam's design includes an optional seat to help you relax.Adam's design includes an optional seat to help you relax. 

Members have also been inspired by a garden bed made from recycled pallets by @nolifemanual, who shared a guide to how they were built.


For more great examples of what can be achieved with recycled timber, check out the herb planter made from flooring offcuts by @Oldfart and the Jarrah stained planter boxes by @Yorky88.


Built your own raised garden bed or want more advice? Feel free to join in the discussion and share your project with the Workshop community. 

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Community Manager

There is incredibly strong interest in raised garden beds at the moment.


If you need a hand with your project, please don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help.




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