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Hidden/underground pool pump and filter

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Hidden/underground pool pump and filter

I'm writing about my custom pool design in a separate post but felt this aspect needs a specific post for itself. I want to hide my pool pump (1.5hp) and cartridge filter, and I want to hide it underground. I'm hoping others have done this or at least have some considerations/advice for me.


The deep end of the pool will be set 1m in from the side fence and I plan to build an enclosure like in the pic below which will be approx 0.25-0.35m above the water level and act as the wall of the pool. It'll have varying depths for the pump and filter to make access/servicing as efficient as possible. 1m of space in the enclosure is enough for me to fit in and work on the pump/filter for 'repairs' while general maintenance will be easy to do from the surface. It'll also act as a platform for jumping in.

pumpfilter enclosure.jpg


A question I have is around air flow for the pump - how much does it need? Given the lid/top with be a wooden slatted finish (on hinges), will this allow enough air flow?



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Re: Hidden/underground pool pump and filter

Great idea @ProjectPete.


You also going to try to hide the pool cover?


I'd just confirm with the pump manufacturer that you're not going to void your warranty or create any ongoing issues. If you look at enclosures like this - - they don't seem to have a lot of airflow, so you should be right. 


Astral equipment is very commonly used in Australia. This is an answer they give for one of their models which isn't overly specific...


How much clearance do I require around my AstralPool E Series / CTX / BX / FX pump?

1. You should ensure your AstralPool E Series / CTX / BX / FX pump is accessible for maintenance and easily removed for service.
2. Breathing space is important. Your pump should not be crowded which will prevent cooling airflow from fan.  Overheating due to lack of cooling voids warranty.
3. All pumps will operate quieter and perform more efficiently if a straight length of 450mm pipe is plumbed horizontally into the front of the pump.

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Re: Hidden/underground pool pump and filter

Original plan was to hide the cover - still plan to, just need to adjust.


Doesn't look like much airflow required...

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