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Bird Cage Grills

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Bird Cage Grills

I have tried buying bird cages on-line but find that, now, none send to my address in Margaret River. I have a metal's trade background from my earlier years and think it would be reasonably easy to use a small welder to make my own. 


My question is, where can I find suitable 'grill-like' metal sheets that are not mesh or chicken wire. That is, vertical wire about half inch apart with the occasional horizontal wire? 


Grateful for any advice and suggestions.

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Re: Bird Cage Grills

A very warm welcome to Workshop @ColinJSims. We're pleased to have you join the community and trust you will learn and be inspired by other community members as you join in the D.I.Y. discussions. 


I will tag some of our resident bird fanciers in the community, such as @darylhewston@Brad and @Bulldozer who hopefully will be able to offer some suggestions for building your own bird cages. 


Please let me know if you ever need a hand getting the most from the site, or have any suggestions about how we can make Workshop more useful for you. 


Thanks again,



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